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Why Yoga is Great for Office Workers

Yoga is all the rage right now. Many fitness classes are taking the health and wellness world by storm. Thanks to the pandemic and everything being moved online, people want to have a place to connect with people outside of their home or work circle. It also makes things easier since most fitness classes are still offered online by major companies and allow for little change in people’s lives.

So why yoga? Well, first off, there are different types of yoga and each provides different benefits. Generally they all offer a place and/or time for people to get a good stretch in, be present in the moment and focus on their breathing (something that everyone seems to forget about, especially when we’re stressed). If you’ve never tried yoga before, we recommend reaching out to your local yoga studio or gym and seeing what they suggest for a beginner. You’ll want to consider things like how well you handle heat, how long of a class you want to attend, if you want a slower class or more fast-paced, and your budget of course. Most studios and facilities will offer a yoga mat and/or towel for students for free or a small fee (usually under $10). If yoga is something you’re keen on trying and figure you’ll stick with it, you can purchase mats from places like Amazon, Lululemon or other activewear brands.

You may be wondering why office workers in specific should consider yoga. Well let us tell you just a few reasons:

It gets you moving and is injury-friendly

Yoga is a great introduction into a more active lifestyle. It’s slow, usually a dark room and for anyone who’s self-conscious about their body, their skill level or their outfit, it’s a great way to ease that anxiety.

If you attend a yoga studio, you’ll have a teacher guiding you through the class and you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself, or trying to figure out proper form. The moves are relatively simple in most beginner classes, and the teachers are helpful in providing modifications for each individual.

Yoga is also a great option if you have injuries and traditional exercise aggravates them. Since most forms of yoga are gentle and performed in heated rooms (unless you opt for a room-temperature class) the heat and the stretching will help decrease inflammation and promote movement in the surrounding areas to speed up your healing time. However, if you do have any injuries, we always recommend seeking advice from your doctor or the studio beforehand to ensure that it’s safe for you to participate.

It promotes mindfulness

Since so many office workers struggle with stress and symptoms of stress, yoga is a great way to help decrease your stress levels (cortisol). Even one class will have you feeling better and more focused, which means less stress.

The deep breathing and concentration on being present helps reset your nervous system and promotes endorphins and feelings of relaxation. You’ll notice yourself being more aware of your surroundings, more rejuvenated and more grounded.

Most of the time, when we’re so focused on work, it can be draining to other aspects of our lives. For instance, our relationships might suffer because we lose sight of what’s important and are so centered around work and our careers. Trying to implement more mindfulness into your routine and life is a great way to refocus your goals and your steps in life.

A silent yoga class focused on being present and mindful is the perfect place to start!

It requires little to no equipment

Unlike traditional workout classes, yoga requires little to no equipment. You don’t really need a mat, blocks, straps or even a towel. However, those do make the practice a bit easier.

Most people use the excuse of not having enough time or the energy to go to a workout class after a long day at work. The great thing about yoga is that you can literally do it right beside your bed at night or first thing in the morning. Yoga isn’t meant to be practiced in a studio with a teacher all the time. It’s meant for you to create your own practice, movements and breathing throughout the day.

Places like Lululemon are a little more on the pricey side and tend to detour new yogis. If you’re looking for an alternative that’s a little more budget-friendly for yoga mats, blocks or other props, check out Amazon or even places like Canadian Tire or Walmart. They will often have a few options for you to choose from and work just as well as the more expensive ones.


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