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That Virtual Life

Enjoy the endless benefits of being a VA: freedom, growth, and ownership.

Are you ready to TAKE CHARGE and build a BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN?
Are you ready to experience endless FREEDOM and GROWTH?

Skip the office, and enjoy the freedom of working for yourself — wherever and whenever you want.

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course is for you?

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Tired of the 9-5

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Be your Own Boss

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Want Time Freedom

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If these feelings resonate...


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Built and taught by successful VAs, this training course starts at the very beginning, equipping you with all of the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully start your own business.


Gain valuable insight into how to manage projects, invoice, and set boundaries to ensure success for both you and your clients.


Discover the endless tools available to help manage all aspects of your business and create a customized workflow that works for YOU.


Experience the benefits of growing with a community of like minded people — all who have the same goals and dreams as you and are always available for one-on-one support.


Built with you in mind, this course is separated into eight individual modules. All good things take time, and with this format, each entrepreneur is able to work through when they want and on their own schedule, without ever feeling rushed or burnt out.


Get exclusive access to not only the training modules, but also to templates and resources guaranteed to help you thrive and build the life of your dreams.


Covering everything from social media strategies, to showing up as your best self for meetings and more, this course sets you up for success, ensuring you’re equipped with the best strategies to help build a VA business that thrives.


Creating your dream life is an achievable goal, but it doesn’t come without valuable skills such as time management, a balanced lifestyle, and knowing how and when to set boundaries. This course covers it all!


Not only does this course teach you how to build a VA specific resume that showcases your talents and attracts your ideal clients, it also covers how to present it with confidence and clarity, helping you gain those clients and grow as a business owner.


What are you waiting for?


Virtual Assistant Training Course
Why choose to work with us?


Built and backed by successful VAs that have endless experience in the industry, this course not only teaches you the ins and outs of the VA industry and building your own business, but also allows you to become part of a community that shares your goals. Learn and grow with a group of people that want to see you succeed, as well as grow alongside you.

Offering endless resources, knowledge, and opportunity, TVL will help you grow a business that gives you the freedom, growth, and ownership that you’ve always dreamt of.

Helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality is what we do best, and we can’t wait to see you thrive and support YOU as a business owner.

A Look Into The VA Training Course:

Helping you discover all that Canva has to offer for your business, how to define your brand, and all things related to personality and business management to ensure success in the VA industry.

VA Training Module 1

Module 1

Learn and gain endless transferable skills to effectively research launching your own business, all things social media, and how to become a time management pro as your own boss.

VA Training Module 2

Module 2

Deep dive into the different social media tools available, learn how to build a VA resume and portfolio, and identify your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar). Lastly, learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals that are guaranteed to boost your growth and confidence as a new business owner.

VA Training Module 3

Module 3

Showing up as your best self is a critical element in being successful in the VA industry. Learn how to pitch your portfolio to clients, repurpose valuable social media content, and the importance of showing up professionally on camera, and how to do so to always ensure success.

VA Training Module 4

Module 4

Module 5

Learn all things blogging, become an expert with tools such as Zoom, Calendly, and Clockify, and learn how to successfully network and invoice. Lastly, learn how to master your money management by discovering how to create and stick to a budget.

VA Training Module 5

Congratulations- you’re one step closer to building a successful business as a VA. This module dives into social media engagement strategies, successfully creating proposals and pitches, and setting boundaries that benefit both you and your business.

VA Training Module 6

Module 6

You’re so close to being your own boss! Learn how to be an expert with these Project Management Tools: Email Management, Asana, Trello, and many more. Discover how to set yourself up for success with realistic expectations and goals.

VA Training Module 7

Module 7

You did it- you made it to the final week! This module will focus on tying everything you’ve learned together, how to start applying for jobs and stand out, and ask for feedback as a new business. Get ready to watch yourself grow as a new VA!

VA Training Module 8

Module 8

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What is the duration of this course?
This course is structured into eight individual modules, and learners could easily accomplish one module per week, but it is ultimately up to you how long you want to take on each one. We built the course this way so that students are able to go at their own pace and properly absorb what is being taught, ensuring that by the end, you are fully equipped for success.

How often will this course be offered?

The TVL VA training course will be offered a few times a year. If it's not available now, scroll down and jump on the waitlist to be notified when it will be offered next.

What it the price of this course?

The price of this course is $199 CAD.

Can I get a refund if the course isn't right for me?

Yes! A full refund will be available within the first 7 days of the course, during which you will have access to only the first two modules. After that, the rest of the course material will be released to you and we will no longer be able to accept requests for refunds.

What can I expect from this course?

You can expect to learn from successful and like-minded Virtual Assistants that have the same dreams and goals as you. You’ll have a great foundation of knowledge to start bringing in your first clients, have valuable resources, knowledge and assets.

Will this course be self-directed or one-on-one training?

This course will be a combination of self-directed work, group work, and available one-on-one support when needed. A large part of being a VA is being independent and taking charge of your life, and this course seeks to build on that ability, allowing you to experience full support while also thriving on your own.

Can you guarantee success?

Individual success can never be guaranteed, but this course will give you all of the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate through the VA industry and build a successful business, you just have to be willing to put in the work to get there.

How long will it take to start my own VA business?

You can start today! Starting a business in the VA industry takes consistency, time, and effort but the outcome is fully worth the work — you’ll be your own boss, in charge of your time and resources, and one step closer to experiencing the full benefits of owning your life.

How long does it take to build a full income as a VA?

This is all dependent on you — similar to everything else, you get out what you put in. But it should be noted that building a business takes time, so make sure that you set realistic expectations for your growth. We have no doubt you’ll achieve all of your goals!

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