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Three Helpful Tips for Working from Home as a Pet Owner

Welcome, October! Calling all animal lovers, it is officially the first Monday of the month, and this week’s blog is going to be tips devoted to pet owners themselves!

Working from home is becoming more common, and for the past two years, it has been a reality for most of us! Pet owners often find it hard to separate work time from pet spending time, this can be difficult to focus on tasks, meet deadlines. Pets are like children; they have short attention spans and often need forms of activity or attention in some way throughout the day. Here are 3 tips to help you work from home as a pet owner!

While you are busy working, give your pet a new toy to take their attention away from you and towards the toy. Try to separate your workspace from your play space with your pet, this way your pet is less likely to tempt you to play with them while you work.

Take your pet for a walk or play with them early in the morning before your workday starts at home. This allows them to get a bit of energy out before your day begins. Spending quality time at lunch with your pets can re-energize both you and your pet as a midday treat.

You could try and bring your pet's bed near your workspace so they can rest beside you while you work. This is also very fun as you can show your co-workers your pet if you have any video conferences!

It’s important to stay positive while working from home. Prioritize your mental health, your workplace wellness (even from home), and your pets. As pet owners, we are so lucky to have so much joy easily accessible to us at home! Working remotely is such a great way to spend quality time with your pets while at home. Hopefully, these tips were helpful to find ways to work efficiently at home with your pets by your side.

Get fresh air, take breaks in the day, go for walks, prioritize your work, mental health, and happiness. Hug your pets, keep them close. Happy October.


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