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The Health Benefits of Being Organized and Tidy

Everyone wishes they could be as organized as those people on TV who are literally paid to organize other people’s messy houses. Khloe Kardashian takes it to an extreme when she labels literally everything in her kitchen, and organizes her fridge by colour. While these are extreme examples of being organized, there are some benefits to them. This blog is going to unpack all of the health benefits (or at least the top 3) of keeping your space organized and tidy.

Stress management

Everyone is dealing with stress, and unfortunately it’s something that impacts our life pretty negatively. How we learn to cope with it is something to take note of.

A lot of the time people try to deal with stress by looking for quick fixes, or shortcuts. Sometimes the only way to deal with stress is to approach it head on and be dedicated to putting yourself first, instead of whatever is the root cause of your stress.

Something that comes in handy when trying to manage your stress levels is keeping a tidy and organized space. This is true for both your workspace and your home. If you think about it, say you’re running late to an important meeting with a client, and you can’t for the life of you, find that one file that they’re wanting to take a look at. You spend an additional 15 minutes looking for the file, stressing out more because what if there’s traffic? You end up arriving at the meeting 10 minutes late and already the client is unimpressed with your lack of respect or concern for their time. This could have all been avoided if you had an organized space and knew exactly where the folder was, because it was in the cabinet with all your other completed projects, or in the file with all of the paperwork relating to that client. However you want to organize your office space is up to you, but what’s important is that you would have avoided an entire headache by just having a system in place and organizing your things.

If you’re someone who struggles with organizing their days and keeping on top of due dates or deadlines, try using a to-do list. These are mighty helpful for keeping productive during the day and ensuring that you’re on top of your work and don’t miss that 2pm meeting again. Crossing things off your to-do list is also motivating and keeps you going throughout the day. A win win!

Better rest

Having a tidy and organized space helps you achieve a better sleep at night. Since your space will be nice and tidy, you don’t have to worry about adding that to your to-do list, which alleviates some stress. It also enables you to have a more restful sleep because you're able to just get into bed at the end of the day, as opposed to having to fix the blankets and sheets so they’re almost comfortable enough for you to fall asleep in.

Studies have shown that tidying up your room can improve your sleep and promote a deeper sleep. Plus, it’s a lot easier to maintain a clean space once you have it organized and are in a habit of making the bed every morning, doing laundry once a week and doing the bare minimum to keep it clean.

Financial health

Financial health is something that a lot of people will struggle with in their lives. It’s hard to balance your income, your necessary subscriptions and monthly dues, and your “fun money” or what is being spent on nights out with friends or clothes, etc.

When you have a more organized space, it’s a lot easier to keep track of bills, invoices, and receipts. This way when it comes time to pay them, you are able to know where the invoice is, how much and where the money needs to be sent. This helps you avoid late charges or additional fees for missing payments because you lost an invoice.

Creating an organized filing system in your office is a great way to keep on top of things that have been paid, and outstanding payments or unpaid invoices. You are also able to have all your records in one spot which makes tax season a whole lot easier and less time consuming.


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