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The 3 Components of a Perfect Desk Chair

Whether one is working in-office or remotely, they nevertheless are spending a great deal of time seated. Furthermore, depending on how one is seated, this position can add excess stress to the structure of the spine which can lead to back problems down the road. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid developing severe back problems, one should take great care in purchasing the correct office chair that is both ergonomic as well as successful in supporting their lower back. This article will be going into depth regarding the three essential components in purchasing the perfect desk chair.

What is an ergonomic desk chair?

Before one understands how to purchase the perfect ergonomic desk chair, they should understand what an ergonomic desk chair is at its very essence. This is an office chair that is specifically designed for both efficiency as well as comfort within the working environment. Thus it simply serves the aim of finding a solution to any potential bodily pains and stains that a standard chair might cause and works towards aiding these potential issues with its design. Therefore, the chair ultimately considers one’s posture, back support, comfort, movement, and distribution of weight.

What are the three components that create the perfect ergonomic desk chair?

It is essential in order to achieve healthy living for one to feel comfortable at all times when working, regardless if one works from home or in-office. Therefore in order to promote work wellness, one should ensure these three points are incorporated into their ergonomic desk chair:

1. The ability to adjust height

It is essential that all individuals have access to an office chair that has a seat that is easily adjustable in regards to its height. This typically involves an pneumatic adjustment lever as it allows for seat height to be easily adjusted at any given moment. Our team at Canada’s virtual assistant suggests that one adjusts the seat height to about 16 to 21 inches off of the floor as this is most complimentary for most individuals. Furthermore, an individual should have their feet flat upon the floor, their thighs horizontal, and their arms at the height of their desk. This allows for a user to be most at ease and reduces the risk of back pain developing due to a lack of good posture. Therefore, all individuals who work desk jobs should seek out a desk chair that has the ability to easily adjust the height for optimal use.

2. Lumbar support that can be easily adjusted for both height and depth

A desk chair should have both enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. If one has the easy ability to adjust the height and depth of their chair, they will be able to adjust the chair to properly support their lower back and ultimately prevent slouching. As previously mentioned, poor posture can lead to the arisal of back problems and thus it is essential that one’s chair promotes good posture to avoid further complications down the line. Therefore seek out a chair that can be easily adjusted for both height and depth.

3. Material

The material used upon an office chair seat and back is absolutely essential! The material, more specifically, should consist of a high level of padding to ensure one is comfortable to sit upon it for extended periods of time. This allows for one to work more productively as they do not have to take frequent breaks to ‘stretch their back’ as well as allows them to work in a more enjoyable manner as they are not in pain. Thus seek out a chair with comfortable material and padding for your next big purchase in regards to your office space.

By ensuring all three of these components are designed within your desk chair, one is able to promote office wellness and ensure that they are securing a chair that is ergonomic. We hope that this article was rather beneficial to you and look forward to seeing you next week!

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