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Scheduling 101

The Blob - It invaded movie theaters screens in the 1950s, and yet it is now residing in your work life. Read on to learn how to stop this infiltration.

Rise and Shine

The birds are chirping, the sun is stealing your rest, the pillows are yawning, the bed is growing comfier, and then action calls. Will you answer? If so, choose to begin your day by sticking to a routine in the morning, whether that is signing forms needed for your occupation or mailing paperwork.

It’s Okay to Selfishly Prioritize

We all know sometimes we like to juggle several balls at one time, but devoting your time to a single aspect of your job will prove more beneficial. A tip to do so is getting rid of tabs on your computer that will not assist you in completing the work you are focusing on.

Take a Chill Pill

I’ve heard work is the matured form of school, and if this is so, then adults are in much need of a mental vacation. Yes, I am aware the goal is to be productive, but momentarily leaving work in solitude gives you a second to regroup and rethink. Therefore, don’t be addicted to technology, as elders invariably warn adolescents, and leave your computer by itself for a short period. Give yourself the opportunity to stretch or work on other tasks.

An Immense Checklist

Get your paper and pencil out and get ready to take notes. It is crucial to have a to-do list that maps out all the tasks you need to accomplish.

Go to the Kitchen

It’s the morning of dreaded finals or you’re almost ready to leave the house for your 8 AM interview. This means the only thing you hear are your butterflies fluttering, sweat falling, palms shaking, breath failing, and not the sound of your stomach grumbling.

Well, nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that eating a nutritious breakfast is key to being productive. And being short on time is no excuse, as you can take a quick bite on the go! Try grabbing an apple or a banana, or prepping your breakfast the night before. Avoid sugary processed foods like muffins and Pop Tarts, which can cause you to crash mid-day.

Productivity is a Lonely Place

While you may be eager to spill the tea with your chatty coworkers, you have to remain on task. Don’t be shy to find a place to work by yourself, take out some noise-cancelling earplugs, or be temporarily antisocial.

Just Say No

I’m sure no one wants to be that guy… the guy who can’t help out with an office party or ease a mountainous workload of a friend. However, sometimes it is necessary to say "No." It enables you to manage your time and allows you to say "yes" to the things and people that mean the most. As Meghan Trainer said, “My name is no”.

In this blog we have addressed 7 tips to a better work schedule: an efficient morning, concentrating on one task, relaxation, a checklist, a substantial breakfast, solitude, and the word “no.” Utilize these tips and productivity is “only one call away” as Charlie Puth so wisely stated.


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