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Reminder: You can take advantage of your Virtual Assistant work freedom locally too!

We’ve all been there– the travel bug (we’re talking about the good kind here, don’t worry). Being a VA and taking advantage of the flexibility is bliss, but sometimes that need to travel hits at the worst time, like when you're balancing too many clients, or when there's a global pandemic! However, if there’s one thing we have learned from this past year, not all travel has to be elaborate trips halfway around the world (although we still love Bali). We’re here to provide you with some ideas for small-scale weekend getaways with friends and family, or road trips with just your laptop for a few days.

National Trips

There is no shame in travelling more locally. You might discover some cool places along the way. There’s an even more remarkable benefit, because frequently, these trips can be less expensive than travelling to more acclaimed destinations, since you have the option of driving or taking a shorter flight. With the savings, you will be able to take trips more frequently, which boasts the benefits of working remotely like never before!

Another bonus is that you are pretty much guaranteed that you will speak the primary language (or at least one of them) and will have the appropriate currency– which is always convenient.

And of course, since there will be less of a time difference, when you arrive home, your “re-introduction” into your routine won’t be as terrible, and neither will the jet lag.

Having some trouble thinking of local places near you to visit? We recommend picking up a map and taking a peek at what is close by (old school style!). Or, you can opt for more seasonal destinations, such as lakes in the summers and ski hills in the winters.

One-Night Stays and Staycations

The idea of a staycation may not seem all that appealing for global travelers, but what better time to experience your city or town than during a pandemic, when there are way less options for places to visit? This change of scenery can also boost your creative flow and enhance your productivity.

One night stays do not necessarily have to be in the same town or city where you live, but even just a day or night away from your house can significantly help to settle that travel urge. If you are fortunate enough to live near a neighbouring city or town within driving distance, this would be an excellent opportunity to take a visit!

Seasonal Trips

Camping, skiing or snowboarding, backpacking, and so much more! These are all phenomenal trips that can be done in a day or two, and enhance your connection with nature. Summer is an excellent time to check out your local campsites with some friends on the weekends. Or if you ski or snowboard, you can opt for a day trip to a hill or mountain!

If you did have to extend your stay, you likely would not be far from internet access (thank you modernization).


Being a VA is invaluable if you are seeking a flexible career that allows you to explore the world while building relationships and communities along the way. While creating your schedule is what draws people into this field, time management is what divides the successful VAs from the rest.

Travelling is not limited to global travel, especially when there is so much to explore right in our backyards! So long as you have your laptops and internet access, you are set. So pack your bags and get ready to adventure!

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