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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn, it’s intended for professionals to grow their network and share work-related content. It can be quite intimidating to the untrained eye (or to any eye TBH) but we’re breaking it down and sharing our top tips with you for how to navigate the business platform effectively. At TVL, we like to keep things casual, so this one was tricky for some of our team members, but lucky for us, we also got to learn from our seasoned pros and take our own advice in the process – so we can guarantee, it will work for you.

Establish Your Brand

First things first, you need to establish your personal brand, whether you are a part of a VA agency or working as a solo act, you need to create a LinkedIn profile that is going to showcase your work and your accomplishments. This is a great way to market yourself on another platform other than Instagram or Facebook, and you will reach far more people actually looking to hire, since companies and individuals tend to seek out employees via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is also a good spot for searching for contract or freelance work because you can find job postings on the platform for temporary or long-term work as well.

When it comes to looking professional, we do recommend a few things to keep in mind:

  • Professional headshots and photos: Using selfies you took in your bathroom just isn't going to cut it when you’re trying to get contracts. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to splurge a bit on getting some nice headshots taken, or at the very least, try and find new photographers who are looking to expand their portfolios and see if you can be one of their first clients.

  • Proper language: Using derogatory terms or jargon is not a great way to score points with possible clients or employers. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to social media since things can never fully go away.

  • Networking is important: Be stingy when it comes to networking, understand that if your family members or friends are sharing certain things on your profile or trying to bring you down, you don’t need to keep them close on your social media accounts. You can still connect with them outside of work, but be weary of what is on the internet.

Build Your Network

Even if you don’t personally know specific people, LinkedIn is a great place to meet people. If you want to expand your professional network, similar to Instagram, it’s not uncommon for people to be connected to people they don’t know, but are in the same field as them. This is also a good way to get to know other valuable people in the industry, especially during global pandemics where social events are postponed and we are resorting to meeting people via the internet.

If you’re looking for mentors, LinkedIn is a good place to start. Many VAs and other professionals will have all of their accreditations laid out neatly for you to see and make it easy for you to compare which person you want to choose (or which people).


Like we mentioned before, LinkedIn is a good platform for finding contract or freelance work, especially for VAs. If you are lucky, you may also score more long-term positions as well. Since the platform is geared towards business professionals, it’s a great way for you to find people who may need your services, then you can connect with them and let them know how you can help. Oftentimes people might put the offer on hold until a future date, or they may take you up on your offer.

Our tip? If you're a VA, find businesses who are less established on LinkedIn, and align with your values and niche. If you are starting out in the field, this may be a good way to get practice with social media, and it can be a good fit for your company. Of course, always do your research first though, and ensure your core values are in alignment first.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us through our contact page. Also, be sure to follow us on social media where we post VA tips and tricks, lifestyle and travel content, and more!

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