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How to Stay Positive This October!

It is nearing the end of another year. The leaves are changing from green to auburn orange, the t-shirts are now being covered with cardigans and fall jackets as we near the winter days. The winter and the fall is the time when many people feel their motivation slowly winder, and as the cold flows in it makes it difficult to find the positive, and warmth. But, it doesn’t have to be that way at all! The last few months of the year are about celebrating the accomplishments of the previous months, finding ways to stay positive in the present, and looking forward to what the next year has in store.

A few tips to limit stress, and stay positive this month!

Start saying “I can” more instead of “I can’t”,.

the power of believing in yourself goes a long way. You can get out of bed a half-hour earlier, you can run that extra mile, etc. Stop limiting your abilities and what you are capable of.

Try to find things that make you genuinely smile and laugh more!

Start looking for the little things that make you happy. This could be taking a second in the morning to enjoy your coffee’s taste, enjoying the birds outside, finding a sense of calmness on a walk, reading a book, writing a journal, etc. Find joy in the little things, the things that make you happy and only you. Focus on what you want, and need this month, set boundaries if you do not want to do something, invite friends to try things you love!

Find the things you are thankful for and practice doing nice things for others this month!

A way to become more positive is to find what you are thankful for and list them down. This allows for a more positive outlook on life, you can list what friends, family, traditions, motivations, food places, work, pets and so much more you are thankful for. Second, try and do something nice for someone. Buy someone a coffee, try random acts of kindness this month, sometimes making someone else smile is the best way to lighten your mood and make you feel more positive! Here are a few examples of random acts of kindness to do this month…

  • Hold the door for someone

  • Say good morning to everyone you see on your morning walk

  • Buy some flowers for a friend

  • Buy someone a cookie

  • Write someone a cute card

  • Pay for the person behind you inline

  • Compliment a stranger

  • Let someone with fewer groceries skip you, inline.

  • Ask someone if they need anything while out shopping

  • Invite a new friend out to dinner

  • Offer to lend someone a helping hand whenever they need it


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