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How To Refocus On Your 2023 Resolutions

Most new years come with new resolutions. You start off with a lot of ambition and know exactly what you want, but by the middle of the year, it seems like you’ve forgotten about them completely.

Goals aren’t always helpful when they don’t fit into you or your business's sense of identity. Becoming too ambiguous with your goals can make it seem like you’ve failed when you don’t complete them when really, they were never yours to be completed. It isn’t about setting a few goals and forcing yourself to complete them just so you can say you did. Setting goals should be about knowing what you want you or your business to become, and building daily systems to make them become a reality.

Business content usually focuses on the delegating and automating of tasks. This mindset can make it feel like you’re floating through the year on autopilot, meaning you aren’t reaching your full potential. Instead of this, it’s important to focus our energy on good habits so that you can change how you view your past and present and set yourself up for a more fulfilling future.

A few things you can do to make sure those new year's resolutions don’t go to waste:

1. Replace set goals with habit goals

Instead of setting deadline goals like having a certain project completed by July 5th, you can set up small practices to help you achieve goals you may create. Setting up a system can help ensure you don’t experience a burnout

2. Use your time efficiently

Make sure you’re protecting your overall time. Setting up work boundaries so you can keep a stable work/life balance. Treat your time as valuable and be aware of where it’s going. Not having a handle on how you’re spending your time at work can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by that mid-year check-in

3. Celebrate the small things

Any small win is a reason to celebrate. You’ve accomplished so much in your career, but without recognizing it, it can often make you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything at all. It’s important to look at where we started and where we are now, instead of focusing on all the things we’ve yet to accomplish

Changing your focus on the things you have accomplished, instead of focusing on the things you have yet to do can help you feel more in control of your work. It’s always important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


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