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How to Reflect on the Year

This time of year is particularly special as it brings around a general sense of ‘reflection’. With the approach of the end of the year just around the corner, a majority of us find ourselves thinking and reflecting upon all our past accomplishments and challenges of the year. This practice can be highly beneficial in ensuring that we do better in the upcoming new year as we are highlighting the ways in which we can begin to enhance our performance in certain areas. To those who are doubtful of the power of reflection, they should take notice of the fact that a research project published by Harvard University in 2014 would reveal that employees performed 23% better after performing 10 days of reflection. Therefore reflecting upon your past year, as an entrepreneur, can also be highly beneficial for both you and your business in achieving all your desired goals in 2023!

This article will be predominantly focused on how to properly reflect on your past year to ensure you reap the greatest results in the upcoming year.

Recognize Your Accomplishments and Congratulate Yourself on What You Did Well

It is in human nature to be our own harshest critics, thus it is important that we also take a moment to reminisce about our accomplishments. This is both important in maintaining our own mental health as well as in further motivating ourselves to continue improving. Therefore next time you find yourself feeling rather hypercritical and down about your performances throughout the past year, take a moment to remind yourself of all the good you have also accomplished!

Highlight Your Weaknesses

It is important for all individuals, including those who are entrepreneurs, to take a moment to reflect upon their weaknesses and shortcomings within the past year. This allows one to identify what areas and aspects about themselves they should work towards improving, ultimately allowing them to formulate an effective plan to self-improvement. Once one is able to improve these areas of themselves, they’ll be able to have a far more productive year! Therefore self-awareness is a key to a far more beneficial year.

Reflect on What Brought You Joy (And What Didn’t)

This past year has been particularly challenging in comparison to previous years due to a majority of reasons, therefore if you are also experiencing this general low feeling do not feel alone or out of place! In fact you are amongst a large majority of the population as, according to a study completed by the Canadian Government, there are far higher proportions of adults aged between 25 to 64 who screened positive for either depression or anxiety. Thus it is important for all individuals to take a moment to reflect on what brought them joy this year and what did not. Through this identification process, one can start incorporating more of these joyous parts while excluding the parts that were less joyous. This can, ultimately, lead to a far more beneficial, happier year for an individual!

Through the implementation of these steps to reflect this upcoming new year, one should be able to become far more self aware of their own selves and, ultimately, achieve self-improvement. Therefore our team at Canada’s Virtual Assistant recommends all individuals try their very best to incorporate these steps into their end of year reflection for the utmost success in 2023!


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