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How to Lessen Post-Vacation Blues

That nostalgic feeling of sand between your toes, a tan slowly fading; everyone has felt it before — the post-vacation blues. You just got back home from the trip of your dreams, or even just a weekend getaway with your friends that turned out better than you thought, and suddenly you can’t shake the feeling of wanting to turn back time (que Cher song). The team at CVA is all too familiar with this feeling, as we too have dealt with, and overcome, some serious cases of the PVB. We were away from the office for the August long weekend, so we'll definitely need all the tips we can find to get back to reality! Keep reading for our tried and true tips for getting through the blues below.

#1: Be Grateful

It’s likely you have heard this many times in life, but that does not make it any less true. In this sense, expressing gratitude for the ability to take time off for the vacation, and the memories made is something to be grateful for. By reminding yourself of this, you are inherently ‘bringing yourself back down to Earth’ and being able to refocus your attention on the present, rather than the past. A valuable tip for people just in general is to try focusing on living more in the present as opposed to the past or even looking toward the future. Typically, we experience anxiety and stress when we dwell on the past, or when we ponder on what may or may not happen in the future. Living in the present encourages us to be grateful for what we have and where we are, and to be more mindful.

#2: Recreate the Memories

There is no shame in trying to recreate fond memories at home. Whether it's cooking a meal inspired by the cuisine from your previous travels or choosing decor brought back from your favourite destination. Some of our favorite ways to recreate the memories of our vacations while at home are:

  • Indulge in your favourite recipes from the destination of your previous travels

  • Decorate your space with items similar to where you vacationed (or that you brought back with you)

  • Wear your favourite vacation clothes while you WFH

  • Look back on photos from your vacations and put together scrapbooks

  • Listen to music you heard while vacationing

  • Recreate similar smells from while you were travelling (think candles, flowers, perfumes/colognes you wore, or some of that yummy food!)

#3: Plan Your Next Getaway

Distracting yourself from the post-vacation blues can definitely be cured by looking forward to your next vacation! Of course, with COVID things are quick to change, but who says you can’t plan for the future and adapt as necessary? Researching hotels or Airbnbs, flight costs (roughly), touristy things to do, and anything else so that you are prepared financially for your next getaway definitely helps a ton of us get through the tough times. Another tip? Keep updated with our social media for Travel Tuesdays where we feature a new destination each week and highlight some must-see places for that destination!

We hope these tips help you to get past your post-vacation blues, or at least help you to get excited for the next trip!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the form on our website. If you are new to TVL, make sure you are following us on social media to stay updated on new VA Course dates, tips and tricks, lifestyle and travel content and more.


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