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An Inside Look at That Virtual Life

Welcome to another blog! For those of you who don’t know, TVL (That Virtual Life) is our sister brand. As CVA celebrated its 3rd birthday this year, we felt the need to celebrate all of the growth we had done in the last three years, TVL being the most recent expansion of our services. That Virtual Life is there to guide you through all things related to living that VA lifestyle, such as tips and tricks, virtual assistant courses, learning how to build your own agency, our top travel tips, and anything else you can think of! We know you’ll love TVL just as much as we do, so let’s talk about some of TVL's services in a bit more detail!

We have a course!

Built and backed by successful VAs in the industry, we’re thrilled to announce that TVL offers certified VA training course. With a variety of options based on experience, ranging from none at all, to pro VAs looking to build their business into a successful agency, we have a course that suits your needs!

But we’re not all business over at TVL either.

We believe that the lifestyle that accompanies being a VA speaks for itself. Follow us on our social media platforms and our website for access to travel and lifestyle content, from Travel Tuesdays—where every Tuesday we cover a brand new travel destination from places all over the world, giving you a first-hand glimpse into that spot on the map, and adding another destination to your office of the day list—to Feature Fridays, where you get to know our team of VAs at CVA/TVL and how they got into the VA industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what your life would be like without having to go into the office everyday, create your own hours, and build the business of your dreams, TVL is a great landing page for you to explore the endless possibilities that follow being a VA.

Let us know in the comments the first place you’d travel to if you didn’t have to go to work everyday! Do you prefer to travel by ground or by air? Mountains or the beach? Feel free to drop a photo or tag us on Instagram in your favourite VA office! We personally love all kinds of travel, but have a sweet spot for that #VANLife.


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