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5 Types of Apps to Incorporate Into Your Life

Now that it’s 2022 and we can’t breathe, talk or think without our smartphones, it’s time to catch everyone up on what apps they need (but probably don’t have) to make your lives 10% easier.

Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung (or whatever other phones there are out there), these apps should work with most smartphones. However, if we come across one that doesn’t, we’ll be sure to let you know.

To-Do List App

When it comes to boosting your productivity, there are people who live by to-do lists, and there are people who can’t. Whichever type of person you are, you definitely should consider a to-do app. Similar to the Notes app that comes with an iPhone, to-do list apps are effective in that you can cross things off, you can set alerts for deadlines and you can create group lists (multiple people sharing one list).

These are super-efficient because the general note-taking app is great for typing in random ideas or important information throughout the day, but soon you have a conglomeration of random ideas mixed with your extended health benefits number, mixed with your dog’s favourite food. It quickly becomes very disorganized and honestly– no one has time to deal with all of that. Unless you’re one of those people that makes it a priority to clean out their email inboxes every Saturday.

Some of our preferred to-do list apps are:

Note-Taking App

Note-taking apps are similar to our previously mentioned to-do list apps, however, they usually contain a bit more detail and limited deadlines. Users are able to type in their 2 am ideas, their newest Starbucks drink or those song lyrics they plan on using as a quote for their next Instagram selfie (just kidding– hopefully, all of you are past that by now).

The perk of using a digital note-taking app, as opposed to a good-old pen and paper, is that you’re able to jot things down on the fly, people usually type faster than they write (less likely to forget) and you’re able to share your notes and ideas easily with others through messaging. This comes in handy when you’re brainstorming ideas for a new work project, or just want to share a list of your favourite Netflix shows with your newest friend.

Some of our preferred note-taking apps are:

  • Hello Ivy App (allows you to sketch, create lists and take notes)

  • Mural App (basically digital post-it notes that you can organize by groups created by you)

  • Evernote App (offers different formats and options for web scanning)

  • Bear App (most visually appealing notes, only available on Apple products)

Meditation App

Meditation is all the rave right now (and for the past 2 years) and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to de-stress, unwind and be present. It helps us fight off ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. In order to achieve meditation, it requires intense focus, relaxation and quiet– which can be challenging for anyone to accomplish without frustration.

These apps are designed to help you get meditating now (or as soon as you download them). They’ll talk you through the steps to meditation, while providing you with an uplifting and mindful experience. It’s important however, that you try these apps out in a quiet room on your own. This way you can experience them to their full potential, without any distractions.

Some of our preferred meditation apps are:

Fitness App

Fitness is an important part of all of our lives, but it’s had a bit of a rebranding since the global pandemic. We’ve had to adjust to at-home workouts, opening and closing of gyms and fitness centers, limited capacity and workout adjustments and more. Factors such as these tend to detour people from achieving their fitness goals– they’re not guaranteed that they’ll be able to continue a workout routine with the uncertainty surrounding mandates and well, the world.

Since the initial introduction of the pandemic, we switched right away to fitness apps. You can find some amazing ones that offer free workouts, workouts you can do at home (no equipment or limited equipment) and get taught by world-class instructors from the comfort of your own living room.

Some of our preferred fitness apps are:

Social Media Apps

Lastly we have social media apps. We wanted to include these because they tend to get a lot of flack, especially with claims that social media affects our mental health, or that people are already spending too much time on their screens.

What isn’t highly talked about it how amazing they are at creating a community. With many jobs transitioning online (and schools), it can feel isolating to live alone and have to work or study at home as well. If anything, that is guaranteed to take a toll on anyone’s mental health. So for that, we have included some of our favourite social media apps for you to reconsider downloading.

  • Slack (best for communicating with people for free)

  • Instagram (best for meeting people from around the world)

  • Twitter (best for keeping up with celebrities, politics and more)

  • TikTok (best for short video content)

  • Pinterest (best for inspiration of all types)

As you can see, there are tons of really great apps out there to help you live your best life. Check some out!


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