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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Website

Regardless of one’s industry, it is essential that one’s website is both visually appealing as well as informative. To those wondering why this practice is so crucial for a business, regardless of size, it is because a website tends to serve itself up as the very first point of contact between a business and their clientele. Therefore it is extremely important for a business that their website broadcasts their company brand in such a way that is both engaging as well as knowledgeable. This will ensure a business is successful in gaining new potential customers as well as keeping existing customers loyal. For those looking to maximize this potential, continue reading to find the top five mistakes you should avoid in establishing a great user experience upon your website.

Choosing a domain name too similar to someone else’s

This is a major mistake made by a majority of businesses that should be avoided at all costs. Upon one’s website’s creation, one should ensure the name is not too similar to another company’s as it may potentially lead customers to access the wrong website and thus give up their search for the actual company of their interest. This may lead them to purchase from a potential competitor of one’s business which is never good. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should ensure their website’s domain name is not too similar to another’s.

Leaving some of the filler text in

Before publishing anything upon one’s website, they should ensure that they have checked every section to avoid any potential irrelevant information being posted. The posting of irrelevant information, or information that is incorrect, can make a website as well as one’s brand seem faulty and unreliable. This is extremely detrimental to one’s business as it can lead potential customers to stray elsewhere for similar products and services. Therefore, before anything is published, one should always check each section and read over everything to ensure it is correct and relevant to the company’s goals.

Including links that don’t go anywhere or don’t work properly

The inclusion of links that do not work is extremely detrimental to one’s business as it portrays to the general population that the company is not very reliable. Thus one’s website design should consist only of links that are entirely correct and do lead to their intended page.

Lack of social links

As many are aware within this technologically savvy day and age, the online world tends to be a rather social one. Thus it is crucial for one’s small business to have a strong social media presence which can, and should be, broadcasted upon their website. This can be particularly beneficial in allowing customers easy access to contact one’s business regarding a potential purchase upon their preferred social networks, while also granting them access to content that they may like to share. This can be beneficial in granting one’s business free advertising with little cost as it is entirely in the customer’s hands.

Slow load times

According to a recent study conducted by Google, 53% of individuals leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Thus, a website’s delay in loading up a page can significantly affect one’s ability to lure in new customers and keep existing customers loyal. Therefore all entrepreneurs should make it their top priority ,when constructing a website, to ensure they have a fast load time.

Through avoiding these five simple mistakes, one should be able to create the most engaging, informative website possible that will be sure to reap great results in regards to potential clients.


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