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5 Learnable Niches for VAs

So you are a VA, but you want to level up your skills? Or maybe you don’t quite feel comfortable entering the biz with your current credentials. Whatever your situation– we are here to help. We have collected a list of five very learnable niches or skills that you can learn to elevate your brand beyond the competition.

First things first, you need to establish your brand. Evaluate what your niche is – what skills you are currently offering to clients, what your aesthetic is, what feedback you are getting from clients, and so on. It’s also valuable to analyze what your strong suits are in your business and where your weaknesses are. For instance, if you have excellent accounting skills but your writing could use some improvement, then that’s a great place to start.


Accounting is a great skill to have as a VA. Not only does it strengthen your portfolio, but it also appeals to a wider range of clientele. For instance, as opposed to just offering clerical services or entry level VA services, you have now leveled up to a more business-savvy professional.

If you are looking for a skill that can boost your brand as well as your clients, accounting is a great starting point. Quickbooks is pretty easy to learn on your own and bookkeepers are almost always needed somewhere. This skill is especially useful since most business accountants, or complex softwares (thank you web 2.0), can get to be quite pricey.

Writing and Communications

Good writing will make a huge difference when it comes to enhancing your portfolio and communicating with clients. When you can write well and articulate your thoughts in a curated way that presents your brand or your client’s brand as professional and considerate, it demonstrates to others that the company is trustworthy and capable.

Promoting writing as a service for VAs can present itself in a few different ways:

  • Blogs: Everyone loves blogs. If not for their own enjoyment, then to boost their brand’s SEO. Being able to craft blogs is a handy skill to have, because it essentially saves your client from hiring a new employee.

  • Resume writing: Some clients are in dire need of a resume re-do. Having a strong writing background allows you to confidently assist them, knowing you are the best person for the job.

  • Emails: Being able to professionally manage emails for companies is huge, because it is essential for most companies' information and business, and digital correspondence isn’t going to disappear any time soon!


In order to draw in customers (followers) on most social media platforms, you need to have visually appealing or interesting content (text, photos, videos). Being able to take professional photos for your clients (i.e. updating their headshots, taking informative videos) can do wonders for your VA business. The addition of photography allows you to better advertise your VA business (since social media connects you with a very large market), but it also adds another service to your business, allowing you to charge a premium rate.


It is important to understand the differences between digital marketing, social media marketing, and print marketing – and which one your clients are using. To make life a little easier, we have made our own Sparknotes version of each for you all to see the differences:

Digital marketing

Composed of emails, e-newsletters, digital ads and any type of online marketing that is not on social media. Digital marketing is typically used for brands looking to sell or promote their products (i.e. clothing or product based brands)

Social media marketing

Social media marketing includes all advertising (content, promotional videos/text/photos, and paid ads) featured on social media platforms. It is the most common type of marketing used by brands and organizations in the present day, due to the fact that unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is typically free for organizations.

Print marketing

Yes print marketing does still exist. Marketing techniques such as magazine articles, posters, billboards, and more. As a VA, you should be prepared to adapt your marketing strategy to all types of marketing, regardless of the media.

Web Design

Web design is a fantastic way to up your VA game, whether it’s your own website or your client’s. Web design can be tricky at first, but once you have mastered the basics, it is a valuable tool. Potential customers will gravitate toward websites as a way of validating a business’s services or products. It also allows the customer to learn more about the organization and their key members (if you happen to have a section with the owners or a team page). This automatically builds a relationship with the customer and engages them.

Of course, if you are just starting out as a VA it is not necessary to have all these extra skills on your resume. However, one or more of these will help propel your brand beyond competition and allow you to reach a larger demographic. By enhancing your knowledge and continuing your education, you will also be able to charge a premium for your services if you choose. Higher prices and more specialized skills will make you seem like a more professional and dependable option.

Still have lingering questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us! One of our VAs will be happy to help you in a reasonable time frame. Be sure you are staying current with our social media accounts, where we post lifestyle, travel and Q&A sessions with our VAs!


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