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3 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Ask Your VA to Do

So maybe you’re a new entrepreneur or haven’t heard of a virtual assistant (VA) before. Either way, did you know that VAs offer more than just social media and blogging services? Most VAs will provide specialty services, which aren’t always concerning marketing and can be a massive help to your business. Outsourcing some of your work can be an enormous weight off your shoulders and allow you as a business owner to focus on your specialty or client interaction.

Schedule Your Personal Life

VAs aren’t just for helping your business. They can also assist with aspects of your personal life. For example, scheduling appointments, booking vacations and calendar organization. For people running one or more businesses or storefronts, this executive assistant role can be very beneficial. You will be able to focus more on your business (or businesses) and know that your personal life and family are taken care of.

That’s not to say that as a business owner, you have to neglect your family or kids, but hiring a VA to help out can take some stress off you. Even booking your appointments can be a massive load off your shoulders.

Create Presentations and Other Professional Content

If you’re looking for help creating content for your business, sometimes it’s easier to hire a VA to lend a helping hand. Especially if your weakness is adding some creativity to your projects, a VA can be the perfect person to help. From Powerpoint presentations to marketing campaigns, most virtual assistants will be able to help you add some spice to your business.

Since you, as the business owner, aren’t expected to train a VA, you can also expect that most will have experience or training in these areas. As independent contractors, virtual assistants are responsible for any training or additional pre-requisites for any contracts they take. It’s best to have a face-to-face (or virtual) meeting with your VA before handing over work to ensure they are capable and experienced in such areas.

Assist with Other Employees and Tasks

If you find that your employees are struggling or falling behind, you can offer to outsource some of their work to a VA. This is an increasingly popular service offered by VAs. Most will provide a wide variety of services to serve their clients better. It’s best to outsource work to a VA after talking to your employees affected, as you want to avoid any miscommunication. VAs can offer services such as administrative tasks, employee scheduling and onboarding, marketing capabilities and more that could help out other employees in your organization.

That being said, you should also be upfront with the VA if they are taking on another employee’s workload to succeed at the task. Additionally, vetting your virtual assistant before hiring them is crucial to ensure they have the training and experience for the job.

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