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3 Great Ways to Thank Your Customers for Their Business

As a business owner, one of the most important things to always remember is that your customers are the air your business needs to breathe. Without them, there’s no way to make an income or any sort of ROI (return on investment).

So, as most mothers teach their children– you should thank someone who does something for you. Acknowledge the trust that they have put in you and in your business, and thank them for believing in you. But how? What’s an acceptable way to thank a customer, without breaching the customer/professional relationship or breaking any boundaries? Is there any way you can have a “thank you” gift for every customer without impinging on your costs too heavily?

The answer is yes! Something as small as a follow-up email or phone call to show how much you appreciate a customer’s business can go a long way. It can also establish what kind of company you are and your values. Beyond just an email or phone call, we have decided to share 3 great ways that you can thank your customers for their business.


Providing discounts for repeat customers is a great way to acknowledge their loyalty to you and your business. If you offer a product, you can provide a discount for that product(s) or if you offer a service, you can provide a discount for a few months or treatments of said service.

Discounts are also a great option for bringing in new customers. You can offer a small discount for a first-time purchase or for signing up for email newsletters. A small thank you that costs your business only a small amount, but worth every penny.


Reward programs are a hit with almost all customer bases. It offers customers a way to work towards something, and it allows you to gain their loyalty in the process.

Reward programs are all a bit different depending on the business. If you own a spin studio for example, you might offer a reward program where every 10 rides, a customer gets one free ride. Or if you are a social media manager, you might offer a customer 20% off when they’ve achieved 20 rewards points, which could be equivalent to months with the business, platforms used, posts made, etc.

Rewards programs are also great because they provide you an opportunity to offer member only discounts or perks, which incentivizes customers to sign up or become a member.

Giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giveaways can be held via social media or through your email newsletters, or even in-person if you have a brick and mortar office. When used on social media, they can provide a great way to boost your following, and engage with your customers as well. Giveaways don’t have to be anything huge, they can be as small as a month of free services, or one free product.

This also translates into the sharing and promotion of your business. Offering promotional services or products can introduce your business to potential customers and if you’re lucky, they might spread the word of how much they loved the product or service they received from your business. A sort of influencer marketing depending on how large or small their following is on social media, and how many people they share their review of your business with.

You can also indicate that in order to be entered into the giveaway or contest, someone has to provide a google review of your business or products/services. Alternatively, they might tag so many friends in the comment section and you can stipulate that the person trying to win the contest must be following your business on social media.

If you collaborate with other businesses, this is a great opportunity to have your business seen by other customers, and to grow both/all of your following!


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