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When to Hire a VA

First, let’s break down what a Virtual Assistant is for anyone wondering. A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides service to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location. Virtual Assistants are skilled in their crafts and are ready to hit the ground running. They don’t require much help and will lend you a hand wherever needed.

A Virtual Assistant will help save your time and money, and probably a headache or two.

First, it is important to identify which tasks you need to delegate so you can find the best Virtual Assistant to meet your business needs. The repetitive tasks you complete regularly can be easily delegated to a Virtual Assistant. As a business owner, if your important tasks are often getting overshadowed due to a jam-packed schedule it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant. A VA can help you with:

  • Data Entry

  • Email Management

  • Online Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Scheduling

  • Call Answering

  • Social Media Management

  • Web Development

  • Content Writing

  • Invoicing

  • Word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations

  • Any Administrative Task

  • Podcast Management

  • Customer Support

  • The list can go on and on!

The beauty of a great Virtual Assistant is they are eager to help you and your business succeed!

In order to find the right Virtual Assistant write a job description so you know exactly what you will need them to do. Be sure to include on the social media post or applications, what tools and programs they’ll be using. Be very specific in the tasks they will be performing for you.

Once you got a clear vision of what you want your Virtual Assistant to do, your ready to start looking. It’s as easy as searching #VirtualAssistant on Instagram - granted you will have to click on pictures and check out pages. We would recommend Facebook groups. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re probably already part of a few groups you could already reach out to.

Check out the Virtual Assistants Website, Facebook, and Instagram and you will see their work first hand. You can also ask to see previous client testimonials if they aren’t readily available on the website. Have a zoom meeting and if it feels right ask them to prepare a proposal for you or have them send over some recent work.

Hiring the right Virtual Assistant will save your entrepreneurial sanity!

If your tasks or to-do lists are piling up, you’re all scatted and achieving less it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant! Your business shouldn’t feel overwhelming! Start delegating some of your tasks to someone reliable. The best part about a Virtual Assistant you only need to hire us for the hours you actually need!


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