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What to Expect When You Hire a Virtual Assistant

In recent years, due to a great rise in the global economy and technological advancements, there has been less of a need for employees to work directly in-office. As a result, the way in which a majority of businesses operate has drastically changed as many are beginning to move their operations online. This has led to many businesses making perhaps the greatest decision of all time which consists of hiring a virtual assistant, also often referred to as VA, to complete traditionally in-office work.

This might lead you to ask two big questions….

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who performs the tasks of a personal assistant from outside of a clientele’s office. This traditionally means that a VA will work from their own home office as there is no need for them to work in-office as they have remote access to the necessary planning documents, files, and tools required for them to fulfill their job. This is highly beneficial to a majority of business owners as they no longer have to pay rent for office space as a virtual assistant will not need it. In addition to this, business owners also wield more power in choosing who they hire as they can select talented, experienced VAs from all across the globe as they are not needed in-office. Therefore a business owner can find someone who meets their exact needs and not someone who is just within close proximity.

What should I expect once hiring a Virtual Assistant?

A reduction in labor costs

As previously stated, virtual assistants work as independent contractors and work from their in-home offices. This means that business owners will no longer have to cover the rent of office space and are not expected to provide sick days, holiday leave, or benefits for their VA. A business owner simply hires the individual to perform a specific job and then pays them for the time spent on completing the assigned task. This saves a great deal of money which can be spent on other aspects of the business.

Improvement of your work quality

There is no shame in admitting that certain tasks are not your forte or simply do not interest you. That is one of the key reasons as to why the position of VAs were invented in the first place. Business owners can simply hire a VA to perform the more mundane tasks such as checking emails and managing one’s websites so that business owners can work on the tasks that do interest them. This will, ultimately, allow for business owners to excel in the work that they do complete as they have more time and more motivation to complete them.

Skills specifically required for your business

Regardless of the size of one’s business, it is highly unlikely that all employees have every single skill that is necessary to ensure the company’s success. Therefore a VA might be of great use as they are highly-skilled individuals who can work towards providing business owners with the exact work needed at a reduction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

A Brand-New Perspective

Virtual assistants can provide new, innovative ideas on how to improve a company’s strategy in regards to marketing or whatever task they were specifically hired to complete as they typically hold different core values than the company as they have not worked there long enough to develop these values in the first place. As a result, the ideas that a virtual assistant brings forth may be the right ones for the company especially as VAs tend to be experts in the field they are working in.

Expect to be blown away

Due to virtual assistants working as independent contractors, they tend to hold a wide array of skills and experiences that will help them navigate any company and deliver their deliverables. Thus expect to be blown away when they not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!

Virtual assistants can provide businesses with a great deal of benefits ranging from a reduction of labor costs to an improvement of work quality, such as previously mentioned, ultimately making them an excellent addition to your workforce. Therefore Canadas Virtual Assistant recommends that all business owners hire a VA in order to tremendously improve the way they operate.


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