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What Questions To Ask When Hiring a VA

When hiring a Virtual Assistant, it’s important to ask the right questions during the interview. You want to collect as much relevant information as possible so you can make the right decision on who to hire. Below are a couple of questions to help you get started.

1. What are your areas of expertise?

Virtual assistants can range from a general virtual assistant to ones who specialize in specific areas. It’s important to find someone who specializes in an area that fits what you need.

2. How did you become a virtual assistant?

Often, virtual assistants bring valuable experience from past positions that they had as a virtual assistant. Plus, asking such an open-ended question can help you learn something interesting.

3. How long have you been a virtual assistant?

If you only need someone to perform basic tasks, hiring someone fairly new to the virtual assistant career can be useful. But if you need them to have a higher skill set and be able to complete tasks at a faster pace, having someone with several years of experience will be valuable.

4. Which tools do you like using?

Experienced virtual assistants will have a wide range of tools they’ve worked with, and will know which ones they like the best. Figuring out which ones your candidates like the most will give you a better understanding of their work style.

5. What security measures do you use?

If you need your virtual assistant to handle sensitive information, you need to make sure they have the proper security measures in place to protect your data. This can range from private WiFi connections to two-factor authentication on crucial apps.

6. What hours do you work?

Some candidates may be in a different country and/or timezone than you, while others may only be available in the morning or evening. Due to the flexibility of the job, it’s important to find someone who can work on the schedule you need.

7. How do you prefer to communicate?

Finding a virtual assistant with the same communication style as you are important. While you may like to have weekly video calls, some candidates may prefer short messages over slack.

8. How do you prioritize your work?

Being organized is one of the most important skills a virtual assistant can have, especially if they have more than one client. You’ll need to find out how they prioritize tasks, avoid taking on more work than they can handle, and what they will do if they realize they are unable to meet a deadline.

9. Why do you want this position?

While this is a simple question and one asked in almost every interview, it’s important to figure out if it’s something they’re really passionate about or if it’s just a way they can spend their free time.

10. How do you want to progress with your career?

Most virtual assistants are always looking to learn new things and refine their current skills. They will most likely have a clear idea of what they’d like to do next. If your candidate is up for it, you’ll be able to train them to carry out additional activities.

11. What would you do if you received an assignment that you didn’t know how to complete?

Every virtual assistant has experienced receiving an assignment that they are unsure of how to complete. The best way to answer this would be to try and figure it out on their own before contacting their clients for clarification or further support.


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