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What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

In today’s day and age, social media and the Internet has transformed the ways in which we do business and generate a profit. As a result of this Information Age that we have entered, there has been a drastic change in the types of professions available to the general public including the newly created role of a lifestyle entrepreneur. A lifestyle entrepreneur is an individual who starts a business with the intention of changing up their lifestyle opposed to generating a profit. Thus these individuals typically are rather passionate about what they intend to perform business on and therefore do not aim to obtain a certain sum of profits. They are simply creating a business to better themselves as an individual and to improve their overall quality of life.

Thus if you’re an individual who does not only value being paid in money, but also in:

  • Time

  • Flexibility

  • Freedom

  • Autonomy

  • Fun

Then lifestyle entrepreneurship might be for you!

In-depth: What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

As previously mentioned, a lifestyle entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who tailors their dream lifestyle towards their very own business. This greatly differs from a traditional entrepreneur as a traditional entrepreneur operates by putting their business first and then re-designing their lifestyle to accommodate for this business. Thus a lifestyle entrepreneur simply decides upon the type of lifestyle they wish to live and then builds their business in such a way as to support these desires. An example of a lifestyle entrepreneur in live action might be an individual who values and puts a great deal of emphasis upon securing freedom and flexibility for themselves in regards to their work scheduling and thus alters their business to accommodate just for this. Therefore they may intentionally start a business, such as a virtual assistant business, that can be operated from anywhere across the globe to allow for easy travel.

The Benefits of Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

There are a multitude of benefits to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur which include, but are not limited to:

  • Freedom: This previously discussed benefit to lifestyle entrepreneurship is extremely intriguing to many as the average individual does value the ability to choose when to work, where to work, and how to work. Lifestyle entrepreneurship grants one the ability to schedule their work hours around their own commitments so it is absolutely ideal for them.

  • Control: Lifestyle entrepreneurship grants one the control to push their business into whatever direction it is that they wish. Thus they can decide to make their business as large or as small as they desire, alter the business to target specific individuals, as well as design their business to incorporate their specific skills and strengths. This can lead to an increased rate of job satisfaction, which in turn promotes life satisfaction, as individuals are living their ‘dream job’.

  • Effort-Based Salary: When working as a lifestyle entrepreneur, one has the ability to directly dictate how much of an income they reap. Depending on how much time and effort an individual puts into their business, they are able to increase the profit they potentially generate.

How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

When pursuing the profession of a lifestyle entrepreneur, one should try and answer these questions specifically before implementing any change:

  • What kind of lifestyle might I want to live?

  • What are my passions?

  • What are some potential business ideas that correlate with my passions?

  • What would I utilize as a form of marketing?

  • How would I implement this change of lifestyle? Would I automate or outsource my business?

Once one establishes answers to these questions, they should have a solid plan as to how they want to live their life and this can begin to develop a business that accommodates for this lifestyle. For example if one loves the freedom and ability to travel at spontaneous times, while also completing remote work, they may wish to begin developing a business revolving around a travel blog. This would, ultimately, grant one the ability to travel while also generating a basic form of income to sustain themselves.

In the end, the profession of a lifestyle entrepreneur is highly intriguing to a majority of individuals as the line of work ultimately provides one with a wide array of previously discussed benefits. Our team at Canada's Virtual Assistant hope that you found this article beneficial in learning more about this phenomenal role and encourage you to continue to follow, subscribe, and comment upon our social media posts in order to continue to get the latest news on the workforce and industry.


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