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Tips on How to Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Feed

Instagram is a social media platform that nearly everyone uses, including businesses, corporations, celebrities, friends, family, and the mailman! It is an app that shares photos with captions to followers who can like and interact in the comment section. Businesses use Instagram to promote products and services, create a business personality, and interact/gain new clientele/recognition. We have chosen some of the best tips to share with you that we have used firsthand to create an eye-catching Instagram feed. These tips are simple and effective. Let the #instagramfeed creativity begin!

Tip #1 - Pick a cohesive style for your Instagram or brand

A quick google search can be done to find style inspiration for your feed, or you can use the program ‘Canva’ to search from millions of free templates and styles.

Tip #2 - Edit your photos consistently, with the same color and tones.

Make sure to use high-quality images! Use minimal text in your posts. If you want to share info, write it in the description box.

Tip #3 - Style your photos with objects and colors that compliment your business's image and product.

It is essential to be consistent with the theme of the feed. Make sure your captions are grasping and interactive. Post on stories, lives or reels to keep your followers and clients interactive and interested in the business.

It is also important to have posts pre-planned ahead of time to match the tones, color, and theme of your Instagram feed. Overall, find inspo, edit photos and post consistently, create and stick to a theme, and create a personality and image for your business/service/product.

We hope these tips were helpful, and we look forward to seeing your eye-catching Instagram feed!


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