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Tips For Staying Focused

Trying to stay focused when working from home can be frustrating, and everyone struggles with it. However, we have found new and creative ways to stay focused on work and avoid getting distracted by the new Sex in the City spinoff or how unbelievably cute your dog is.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Many people struggle with technology as it is, so having a magnitude of notifications pop up while you’ve been trying to read the same email for the past three minutes seems impossible. The idea that technology is supposedly “smart” seems like nothing more than a lousy paradox.

One thing you can do to avoid technology frustration is to sign up for a lesson through Apple or whatever manufacturer your computer is by. The tech wizards will be able to assist you and give you a quick rundown on everything you need to know about your computer.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can utilize settings such as “do not disturb” or “study mode,” which allow you to work without the distraction of notifications popping up. In some cases, you can mute conversations with people without worrying that you’ll miss important phone calls or text messages.

Take Breaks… Lots of Them

Sometimes all you need to boost your productivity is a break. An actual break where you aren’t focused on your next conference call or that email your boss just sent you. Taking breaks throughout your workday can help you stay grounded and focus on the task at hand.

A popular strategy for working from home is the Pomodoro method. This method instructs you to work for 25 minutes then take a five-minute break. You should take a more extended break every four cycles, around 15-30 minutes.

Examples of breaks you can take during your workday are:

  • Go for a walk

  • Take your kids or pets outside (being with nature encourages you to get out of the same space you’re working in)

  • Have a nap (if you’re constantly yawning or disinterested in your work, a simple siesta can do wonders)

  • Exercise! Following along a Youtube video or scheduling a quick 15-minute Peloton class can not only get your endorphins pumping but also cross off your workout for the day.

  • Call a friend. Just make sure you’re able to cut off the conversation before a 10 minute Facetime turns into 2 hours.

Do Something Different

If your schedule allows it, try working on two or three projects throughout the day. You’re more likely to stay focused and maintain motivation by feeling a sense of accomplishment when you complete tasks. Also, if you are struggling with a particular project, sometimes working on something else can help you see the work with a fresh set of eyes.

Working on different tasks throughout the day helps you accomplish more of your workload in a shorter period and get ahead of your schedule. If you find yourself working on more than one task that requires teamwork, this can encourage you to interact with others which helps break up your day.


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