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The Best Way to Hire a VA

So, you've decided to hire a VA to help you run your business. Congratulations! Hiring help is a significant milestone and something to be excited about. Now the question is how to go about hiring them. There are many ways to hire a VA, but not all provide the support and communication needed to make such a big decision. You want to ensure you find the right person to fit into your business culture and understand and respect your vision.

Hiring Independently vs. Hiring Through an Agency

The main difference between hiring an independent contractor and hiring through a VA agency is accountability. If you hire through an agency and are unsatisfied with the VA you get paired with, the agency will pair you with someone else with no problem. Agencies hold more merit, VAs are trained and vetted, and customer service is much more easily accessible. You can also read testimonials from previous clients and see examples of all the different kinds of work their VAs have produced. Agencies also have the advantage of a larger pool of employees, allowing them to pair you with someone with the best skillset for your needs.

At Canada's Virtual Assistant, we are proud to provide 1 on 1 support to help you find the best VA for you. All our VAs are experienced and trained to be as helpful and respectful as possible. You can book a free consultation with us by heading over to our 'Hire a VA' page on our website. During the meeting, our team members will help assess what you need in your business and how our VAs best fit into your life.

We offer multiple types of services that range in price and skill set. Our specialties include 'Pinterest Management,' 'SEO Blogging,' and 'Long Term VA Support.' All our packages are geared toward helping you manage and grow your business, emphasizing online presence and marketing. Whether you are searching for an assistant to help you manage the flood of everyday tasks or looking to grow your business and improve your online operations, our team is ready and willing to help.

The whole point of hiring a VA is to make your life easier, so let us make the hiring process just as easy. Suppose you have any reservations about our services. In that case, we encourage you to check out some testimonials from previous customers, which can be found on our website's 'Contact' page.


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