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How Travel Can Make You More Money: The Importance of Recharging

When it comes to saving money, the first thing that doesn’t come to mind is travel. There’s tons to factor in: flights, hotels, food, toiletries, and all of those other random costs — but what if we told you that taking those trips would actually save you money? As a VA, working remotely also means the opportunity to travel frequently, and while you may think this would hit the budget hard, we’ve discovered the opposite. Here's why:

Travelling Makes You Happy

According to neuroscientists, when we travel, we rewire our brains. This is because new experiences are the key to building new neural pathways in the brain. By rewiring your brain, you become more creative and accepting of new ideas, and more likely to click with your clients and colleagues. This is why travel makes you happy! Lucky for us, we have the ability to work from anywhere we’d like, making travelling to new places regularly a hard to miss opportunity, especially when the benefits are this great!

Recharging is Vital in Being Successful

By taking time to recharge in a place away from where you regularly work, you invest in your physical and mental health to build a healthier, more sustainable future for yourself. Even short breaks to get some air or take a walk make a huge difference in your happiness, and are excellent practices for future recharging efforts. Travel being a vital component in building a successful VA business? Count us in!

Travelling to Other Countries Gives You a Leg Up in the Professional World

Not only does travel expand your mind, boost creativity, and make you happier, it impresses colleagues and potential clients that you’ve put in the effort to welcome diversity and culture in your life with open arms. It also means you’ll be more comfortable communicating in a variety of settings when you can easily recognize different communication styles, and more likely to gain that client or nail that business pitch.

Overall, we’ve found that travel has been a vital part of staying connected with the world when working remotely. While taking the time to travel may cost more upfront, in the long run it means being the best version of yourself, hitting your goals, and running the business of your dreams from wherever you want to that week.

If you’re ever in need of a list of new travel spots, check out our sister brand, That Virtual Life’s, Travel Tuesdays, where they highlight the lifestyle of a VA and show a new travel destination each week. Top destination on our list: Greece! Where’s your bucket list travel destination? Share in the comments below or tag us on Instagram in your favourite travel photo!


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