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How to Write Great Blog Articles: Best Software and Apps

A majority of large businesses typically feature blogs upon their Website as a form of content marketing and this should not be any different for smaller businesses as well. This is because smaller businesses can find great use in incorporating blog posts within their content marketing strategy as it provides a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Educating readers about the company’s products, services, and goals

  • Increasing website traffic

  • Boosting social exposure

  • Updating readers about current company changes and initiatives

Therefore writing a blog post can be highly beneficial for one’s company, which brings about the big question: “How can I produce a great blog article?”

Our team at Canadas Virtual Assistant is here to tell you that it is far easier to produce a great blog article than you might think! By incorporating these following softwares and apps into your writing, be prepared to write some of the most brilliant and beneficial blog articles for your company!

Grammarly is a well-known cross-platform cloud-based writing platform that works towards ensuring one’s work is correct in its grammar, punctuation, and clarity. It can be highly beneficial when writing a blog post to ensure that your writing is clear and concise and delivers the message you wish to share without any spelling errors. It is simply the best tool for refined writing.


This application is specifically designed for note taking, task management, and organizing one’s digital notes into one area for easy access. Thus Evernote can be a highly useful tool for blog writers as it allows them to organize their ideas into one space including any news articles they may wish to use for their research purposes.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor created by no other than Google itself and grants users the opportunity to create and format documents that can then be shared with other individuals. Due to this, the application is perfect for collaboration purposes as multiple users can work within a shared document at once. This can be highly beneficial for blog writing as it reduces the time in which a blog article is released. This is because editors can work at the very same time that authors are typing away as they no longer have to wait for authors to finish their work and send it over. The document is simply shared between the two who hold complete access to change the document’s contents in whatever way suits them. In addition to this, Google Docs also saves all edits made within a document immediately to the cloud which ensures that no work is lost. Therefore Google Docs is a phenomenal application to utilize to ensure that your blog writing is never lost and is easily accessible for your small business’ team.

With the use of these three applications and softwares all businesses, whether small or big, should be able to produce riveting blog writing that will ensure an increase in web traffic upon their webpages and a multitude of other benefits. Most importantly, however, remember to be confident in your work and to be consistent in your writing. The more you continue practicing, the easier it will get.

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