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How to Show Appreciation for Virtual Staff

It might seem hard to recognize the strong efforts of employees who work in a remote work setting, such as virtual assistants, due to the distance, however it is nevertheless crucial in ensuring all virtual employees feel valued and motivated. Therefore this upcoming Thanksgiving and fall season our team at Canadas Virtual Assistant highly recommends that all employers consider incorporating these upcoming appreciation ideas to remind their remote workers that they are valued and appreciated.

Create Referral Incentive Programs

A Referral Incentive Programs (RIP) is a recruitment strategy in which employers ask their current employees to recruit potential candidates for job openings within the company. In return, the company will typically offer a monetary bonus, typically ranging from $1,000 - 5,000, as a thank you for the employee’s diligent work. This is beneficial to both the employee as well as the employer as the employer has now established a network of hard-working, qualified individuals who might be of great use in expanding the company’s growth. While the employee now feels trusted and valued in their opinion of potential candidates and motivated to continue seeking out individuals who can help in the growth and future of the company.

Splurge on Company Events

Events, such as company trips and parties, are extremely important in order to establish a general sense of ‘team’ amongst employees. Due to the nature of virtual assistants, the job position very rarely calls for employees to work in-office which ultimately does not grant these employees a chance to interact with their coworkers and develop a sense of community. Furthermore, completing work from home at times can feel rather isolating. Therefore company activities, such as the aforementioned implementation of company trips, grants employees an opportunity to meet their coworkers in a safe and inviting environment and feel motivated to continue working hard as they feel like they are a part of something ‘bigger’. In addition to this, employees get a chance to feel valued by their employers as an event was put together purely for them in order to celebrate their great successes at the company.

Implement Profit Sharing Programs

Employee Profit-Sharing Programs, otherwise known as EPSPs, are incentivized compensation programs that grant employees a percentage of company earnings based upon company profit seen that year. These differ from employee bonuses as EPSPs are not instantly granted and are only applicable when the company sees a profit. This can be highly beneficial in showing your appreciation for employees and thanking them for their vigorous work that year as they are being directly awarded for helping in the company’s success.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, don’t be afraid to show a little bit of gratitude on a national holiday known for sharing gratitude such as Thanksgiving, it’s time to start planning for it now! It can be highly beneficial in further motivating your employees as well as making them feel respected and valued for all their hard work.


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