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How to Setup An Ideal Workspace

Whether you work from home (WFH) or an office, having an ideal workspace is vital to your success. Everyone needs an environment that they can flourish in and be productive. Therefore, it’s important to note the things in your life that inspire you. Things like plants, natural light, your favorite photo of your dog. Anything that you find uplifting and mood-boosting. Since work can be the root of a lot of people’s stress, finding things that can brighten your day to add to your space is a great way to boost your productivity and your entire outlook on each day. You’ll find yourself conversing with co-workers and clients in a more positive tone, working more efficiently and producing a higher quality of work, and being less zonked when you leave the office or shut down work for the day. This gives you more time and energy to enjoy with your friends and family so that you can create a more balanced work and personal life.

So to help you with this, we decided to round up some of our favorite ways that you can set up your ideal workspace easily:

Light matters

Having natural light in your workspace is a huge mood-booster. The worst feeling is getting to the office and it’s light out, and leaving the office when it’s dark out. Your internal clock feels like it missed about 12 hours, and it’s probably not wrong. Having at least one window in your workspace can help you fight off seasonal depression, navigate your day and incorporate a little light into the space.

This is also helpful if you’re someone who enjoys going for walks or spending time in nature because you’re able to monitor the weather and get a sense for when the best time to head outside would be.

If you don’t have any windows in your workspace, you can always add some more lighting. Adding things like lamps and illuminated decor is helpful for mimicking the sense of having a window, without actually tearing a hole in the wall.

Clean baby clean

Keeping your workspace tidy and organized is one of the first things we recommend for improving your mental health. A clean workspace helps to elicit a sense of calmness and reduces the anxiety that would be caused by a messy or unorganized space.

We recommend trying to deep clean your workspace once a month or once every two months. This would be when you would dust, vacuum, wipe down surfaces and clean out any fridges or cupboards if you have them.

If you do a deep clean regularly, you don’t have to worry about cleaning too much other than the organization of papers and documents. Since workspaces tend not to get too dirty too quickly (unless you’re eating or regularly drinking in them), then, cleaning isn’t as much of a priority as the organization is.

When you deep clean your workspace, it’s helpful to double-check your organization system. Are things where they should be? Is this the most efficient way to organize my files and documents? Should I invest in an additional filing cabinet so that I don’t have to pry open the one I have now?

Organization can also refer to your digital files. A simple way to do this is by colour coordinating or labeling absolutely everything on your digital technologies. You can label based on the client, type of work, time it was completed and so on. Whatever you find works best for your work-style and type of work.

Decorate like you’re about to celebrate

Using colours and decorations is one of the more fun ways to set up your workspace. You can add personal touches like your favourite plant (living or fake), a mini fridge filled with your favorite type of La Croix. You could even go as far as incorporating a rug or throw pillows for the additional chairs. Whatever style you find best represents your personal taste, but isn’t too cluttered will help you feel more comfortable and lead to enhanced productivity.

On the topic of plants– incorporating some sort of plant into your workspace is helpful for lifting the mood and providing extensive benefits depending on the plant you choose. If you happen to go with a living plant, some species offer air purification benefits and others even kill flies! If you desire a fake plant, well then you’re basically set for ensuring you never forget to water it!


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