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How to Set Up Goals for the Upcoming Year

It is a known fact that a majority of the population struggles to keep to their New Year’s resolution. This is evident in the fact that scientific research proves that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the very start of February. To those wondering why the fail rate is so alarmingly high, this is due to the fact that a large majority of New Year’s resolutions are made purely out of peer pressure based upon an arbitrary date opposed to an individual trying to find a true, genuine goal that is realistic to achieve. Thus this upcoming New Year, I encourage you to follow these simple three rules in order to successfully achieve your 2023 goals.

Choose something that really matters to you

One may be surprised to learn that some people do not set goals for themselves, but rather set goals in an attempt to please others. Whether these goals are selected to please one’s manager, spouse, or society in general, it is nevertheless wrong. In order to truly stick to a New Years resolution, one must select something that they are passionate about. This will be easier to stick to as the individual tends to reap value and benefit from achieving this goal which further motivates them to not give in. For example, if an entrepreneur is hoping to learn to code this upcoming year they will be more likely to put the effort into achieving this goal as this is what they are truly passionate about in comparison to attempting to run a marathon which their family member may be more passionate about.

Avoid the “all or nothing” mindset

A large majority of individuals tend to be overly eager to achieve their resolutions. This often means that many are accidentally taking on far too great of a goal at once, or a change in order to achieve said goal, which can be extremely overwhelming to achieve all at once. Thus, it is far more helpful to break down a bigger goal into smaller goals that are both achievable and realistic. This can help ensure one does not give up upon a goal so easily as it seems smaller and far more achievable.

Prepare for slip-ups

It is important that one does not beat themselves up over minor slip ups that may occur following selecting your goal. It is extremely difficult to change and thus one should be patient and kind with themselves during the transition. It is better to have a few minor slip ups than to give up altogether. Therefore keep powering through to achieve your goals in the long-run!

Through the implementation of these three simple yet effective steps, one should be able to achieve all of their New Year's resolutions.


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