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How to Get Back Into a Routine for 2023

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! We hope you have a fantastic and warm winter break celebrating with your loved ones. As the new year approaches, it is important to set small goals and get into a good routine. A good routine is beneficial as you can manage time, get enough sleep, have downtime, workload, relationship time, maintain hygiene, etc. We are here to share some of our favorite tips for getting back into a #routine for 2023!

Tip #1 - Allow for slip-ups

Allow space for slip-ups and prepare to get back on the horse afterward. It is okay to make mistakes, as long as you take them as a learning experience. Try to let slip-ups motivate you to work harder, learn more and thrive.

Tip #2 - Find a friend that wants to keep each other accountable

Find someone who can keep you accountable the same way you hold them. Having an accountability buddy is motivating as it is much harder to bail on a plan when you hold each other accountable.

Tip #3 - Change your perception

Try to make a conscious effort to view a change as a positive and appreciate this new phase. Having a fresh start is sometimes the best way to improve, challenge, and enjoy your goals and view change differently. self improvement starts with a mindset shift and perception change.

We hope these tips are helpful! Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holidays and remember to let yourself slip-up and prepare to jump right back into it, find an accountability partner to keep one another motivated, and lastly change your perception.


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