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How To Effectively Delegate

Delegating effectively is an important skill for any leader or manager to have. It allows them to maximize their time and resources, and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and in a timely manner. When tasks are delegated effectively, it also allows team members to develop their own skills and gain experience in areas they may not have been exposed to before. Effective delegation also allows team members to feel valued and appreciated, as it shows that their skills and contributions are valued and respected. Ultimately, effective delegation can help to create a more productive and successful team.

Some easy steps to delegate more effectively are:

1. Determine where your contribution is most needed

Figure out where your area of expertise lies. Make sure to focus your attention on those areas, and delegate other areas to someone who can help more effectively

2. Develop repeatable processes

Having processes that are repeatable and easy to move from one project to another can help you save time when it comes to starting projects as you won’t need to create new processes every time

3. Focus on results

Not everyone works or handles situations the same. Just because it’s not being completed the way that you would have done it, doesn’t mean it isn’t getting done properly

4. Focus on your employees’ strengths and goals

Employees usually have goals that they’re working towards, meaning you have the perfect opportunity to delegate tasks to them. Using your employee's strengths and skill sets can help you to know that your projects are in good hands when you give them to someone else

5. Provide the right resources

Make sure you set your employee’s up for success. If you’re handing a project off to someone, ensure that they are properly trained and have the right tools t complete the tasks at hand

6. Allow for failure

It is important that you understand that your employees aren’t perfect. If you set up the expectation that there is no room for error or mistakes, your employees are going to be less likely to feel excited to do their job. This can cause them to lose interest in it, or push it to the end of their to-do list

7. Be patient

You’ll likely have more experience than your employees, meaning that what might take you a day to complete, may take your employees a week to complete. Don’t let this idea deter you from delegating tasks because you know that you can complete them faster. We all started in the same place, and the only way to grow is to be offered the chance.


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