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How to Create Excitement For Your Website or Product Launch

Introducing a new website or product is an exciting time! Typically people spend months, if not years, planning, designing and perfecting their new product or website so naturally, you would want it to be a huge success. Hitting the spotlight is only getting harder and harder as people dive into their passions and introduce new products and businesses daily. So how exactly can you stand out from everyone else and generate that excitement for your new website or product? Let us tell you how.

First things first, you’re going to want to double and triple check your deadlines, progress and schedule to ensure that you have an exact product or website launch date. The worst thing for a marketing strategy is building up all this excitement and hype around something, only for it to be delayed or canceled. You almost immediately lose trust and confidence from your consumers and when/if the product or website does happen to launch, even a day or hours later, it’ll be less of a success based on lost views and reliability as a business.

Okay, now onto the promotion side of things.

Of course, our friends and family will (hopefully) always be rooting for us and want to see us succeed. Therefore, there’s no shame in encouraging them to spread awareness of an exciting launch within your company to their circle of friends, social media or physical community (i.e. bookstores, coffee shops, gyms). You never know who knows who and what type of connections can be made through recommendations. Plus, word of mouth is still one of the most trusted forms of promotion (even with social media and influencer marketing riding a close second).

In addition to friends and family, you can also turn to similar and local businesses to help spread awareness. If you have a relationship with businesses in a similar industry or other businesses local to your town or city, you can reach out to them and see if they’re willing to promote your business on social media or with a poster in their store.

Dropping a teaser is also a great way to boost excitement and knowledge around your new launch. It can be beneficial to share some pictures or videos so that consumers can visualize what your new website or product will look like. That image or short promo video can stay in their mind much longer than words on a screen, and they’ll be eager to see a final product. Even if the person has no interest in buying it or becoming a client, genuine human curiosity will drive them to want to see and know more.

Lastly, you can use a countdown or giveaway to promote your new launch. Countdowns are great because they alert consumers when they can expect to see a final product, and also can be re-shared or re-used multiple times and still promote the same message. As mentioned before though, especially with countdowns and timers, you need to ensure that your product or website will be finalized and ready to launch on time, otherwise you will lose trust and responsiveness from your audience.

Giveaways are another option that are great for repurposing content and being very sharable and noticeable. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Even if it’s something that people would never consider buying or investing in, the fact that they could have a shot at winning makes it that much more desirable and draws more attention to your business. It’s important to ensure that you actually follow through with the giveaway and to have rules and guidelines clearly listed in any ads or promotional content. This way people aren’t misled into believing they’re owed something more or different than what was intended. The last thing you want to do is draw negative attention to your brand new launch and discourage potential customers from purchasing from you.


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