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How to Communicate Projects to Your VA

When handing projects off to your assistant, the main concern is that they won't be able to complete the work to the standard you expect. To avoid this, we at Canada's Virtual Assistant have developed several helpful strategies to help you communicate projects to your VA.

Create a Detailed Schedule

To ensure that the work gets completed on time and efficiently, it is necessary to collaborate with your VA on a detailed schedule. Make sure you are clear on when all aspects of the project need to be completed. You can discuss this with your VA and decide when it works best for you to meet and work on your responsibilities. A comprehensive schedule that considers your and your VA's availability will ensure that everything is completed productively and on time.

Provide Examples

The best way to explain what kind of work you expect from your VA is to provide them with examples. If your assistant is going to be writing posts, show them examples of previous posts that you think are appropriate. If they are creating graphics or editing branding, show them other companies' products that you either like or don't like and explain why. Visual examples are the quickest and most efficient way to communicate your standards to your VA.

Be Clear About Deliverables

Communicating precisely what products and outcomes you expect to receive from the project will give your VA a much better understanding of how to go about completing the work. Be specific about what deliverables you are looking for and what you want them to look like. We suggest making a list with descriptions that include which software, file format, and any other specifics you require for the project your VA will be working on.

Communicate Feedback

The only way your VA can improve on their work and tailor it to your needs is if you provide them with helpful feedback. It is essential to be detailed and go beyond just whether you like it. Be specific about what you would change and why. Explain your reasoning with your VA so they can better understand precisely what you are looking for.

Communicating projects to your VA doesn't have to be complicated. Mutual respect and understanding are key to opening the door to effective communication. As long as you are both clear and polite in communicating what you expect from each other, working together should be a breeze!


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