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How Only a Few Hours a Week From a VA Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Business

Are you thinking about outsourcing some of your work, but don’t know where to start? Outsourcing is something that isn’t necessarily new, it’s just gotten a bit more trendy within the last few years. It allows for people to work from home (or wherever), to create their own schedules and hours, and to take on whatever projects or clients they chose. It’s a great way to make a decent side income, or even as a full-time career! Since you’re technically your own boss, you get to decide how much or how little you want to work, which is the beauty of it! So if you’re a client or a business, and you’re thinking about taking on a virtual assistant (VA) or another freelancer, where do you start? Well we’ve unpacked all of it and dedicated this blog to educating you on how just a couple hours a week can improve your business and propel you to your goals!

VAs don’t just take on the big projects, they also are exceptional at helping with the smaller, more tedious tasks. Things like email organization, systems and processing, onboarding and off-boarding employees and clients, and so much more. Depending on the VA or freelancers that you decide to go with, different people will specialize in different things, which is great for you as a business. This means that if you find one person who is amazing at social media management, but not so good with business administration, you can always find someone else who is amazing with business administration. This way you’re not sacrificing quality of work just to try and have one person wear multiple hats. Since they aren’t your permanent employee, you aren’t bound to the person in any way other than what’s stated in the contract. This is also helpful if you find that at the end of the contract period, you are able to manage without their services. You won’t have to worry about firing someone and filling out all the paperwork involved with that.

If you struggle with managing your time and schedule well as a business owner, or as an individual, since VAs can work for individual people too– then you should consider taking on a VA for an assistant role. VAs are able to help manage your schedules, both professional and personal ones, schedule appointments and meetings, and help you create more time in your days so that you can do things like girls nights with your closest friends or that Saturday brunch you promised your mom three weeks ago. Having someone to help alleviate some of the small things is a great way to free up your time and energy, especially when you’ve proven that your skills shine brightest elsewhere in the business.

Talking about the organization aspect, VAs are great for assisting businesses in organizing their business as a whole. They can help with business plans, employee charts, client monitoring, etc. A VA can spend time each week ensuring that everything is organized and running smoothly so that in the future, the business is more efficient and able to focus more on client work and selling products as opposed to the wifi crashing again or not being able to find a contract.

Lastly, you can have a VA handle your networking and outreach. These are vast parts of owning a business, and it’s important to get to know your clients, investors and spread the word about your business. However, there are aspects to marketing that you don’t necessarily need to do yourself as the owner. You can hand off things like event marketing, social media engagement, and emails to a VA to focus more on providing a service, taking care of other parts of the business, or just saving that energy for yourself. Sometimes we all need a little T.L.C. Having this extra time in your days is a great way to ensure that you’re well taken care of and that you can approach each day with a rejuvenated attitude.


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