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Don’t Wait Until September to Hire Your Virtual Assistant

With September quickly approaching, many businesses are considering hiring a virtual assistant to help them with this busy time of year. This can be a great decision! Hiring a virtual assistant can be a true game-changer for many businesses and business owners.

A virtual assistant (sometimes referred to as a VA) is a remote employee brought on to assist with specific projects or tasks. They are highly skilled individuals, and different virtual assistants have different specializations. For example, some virtual assistants are skilled accountants and bookkeepers, while others are talented graphic designers. No matter what task your business needs help with, there is a virtual assistant out there for you!

But when should I hire a virtual assistant?

If you’re planning on hiring a virtual assistant, don’t wait until September to start the process. September is typically the busiest month in the virtual assistant industry. Many businesses choose to bring on virtual assistants during this month, so they are typically in high demand.

Here at Canada’s Virtual Assistant, we recommend businesses start the process of hiring a virtual assistant now, to beat the September rush. The last thing you want is to find the perfect virtual assistant, only to find out they’ve already agreed to a project with another business. By beginning your hiring process early, you can more easily find the right virtual assistant for your business’ needs.

How do I hire a virtual assistant?

Before hiring a virtual assistant, set up a call with them to get a sense of how they can help your business. Share a little bit about your business, and the areas of your company you are looking for help with. Then, ask them about their training and education, as well as projects they have completed in the past.

This is especially important if you are hiring a virtual assistant to help with a task that requires specialized skills, such as bookkeeping or market research. By asking about their training and education, you can feel confident in your hiring decision, knowing that they will produce quality, error-free work.

We recommend treating this call as a conversation, as opposed to a typical interview. It’s important that both you and the client feel excited by the idea of working together. By having an open conversation with potential virtual assistants before hiring them, you’ll be able to hire a virtual assistant who is genuinely passionate about your business and the project. The more passion they can bring to the table, the better quality work they will produce.

Moreover, this can help relieve some of the pressure of a typical interview. When this is framed as a conversation as opposed to an interview, the virtual assistant feels more comfortable being honest about whether or not they are the best fit for the project. You don’t want to bring someone on only for you to both realize they aren’t qualified for the role. Having a candid conversation can save you both time and energy, as you’re creating an environment that allows you to be honest about whether this project is the right fit.

Once you find your virtual assistant, it’s important to do some prep work before they begin their contract. Consider what tasks you need completed, then create a document outlining each task and deadline. If your virtual assistant will need access to any documents or resources to complete the project, collect and prepare these documents in advance.

By spending some extra time now on prep work, you will save yourself time down the line. Your virtual assistant will have everything they need to begin working, so you can direct your energy towards more pressing tasks.

Now, this might seem like a lot of work. But this is why Canada’s Virtual Assistant recommends beginning the hiring process now, as opposed to September.

By beginning the hiring process early, you can make sure you have enough time to find the right virtual assistant and do the necessary prep work, all while beating the September rush.

Use these tips to find the right virtual assistant for your company, and see how your business transforms!


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