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Building the Perfect (Home) Office Space

Throughout the course of the pandemic, more and more teams are beginning to work remotely in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19. Upon first hearing this, one might initially make the mistake of hastily believing this would cause the decline in performance of one’s work however this is inaccurate. According to a recent study completed by FlexJobs, it is reported that 65% of individuals working from home claim it has improved their quality of work due to a multitude of reasons. These reasons include, yet are not limited to, less stress commuting, fewer distractions, and the ability to wear more comfortable attire. However, in addition to these phenomenal perks, there are a few strategies one can implement to further boost their productivity when working from home. These strategies are perfect for all professions, including traditionally remote workers such as virtual assistants, and first begin with setting up the perfect home office.

Create a Budget

It is a common mistake made by many to assume that setting up a home office is expensive work which is entirely inaccurate. The cost of setting up a home office space, to which one can effectively work within, varies drastically depending on one’s individualistic needs and goals. One individual may need a space that they can work from that is more-so closed off, such as a room, in order to not be distracted. This might drastically contrast another individual who might be able to freely work from the kitchen counter, or any other more open space, and still be productive. Therefore the sum of money one spends upon their home office can drastically differ in comparison to another individual’s budget. Nevertheless, the overall budget does not have to be so expensive as long as the individual is able to find a quiet space with few distractions. This location can range anywhere from working from the kitchen table to a designated quiet room.

Find a Place that Boosts your Productivity

As previously stated, home offices can come at different budgets and thus it is important for an individual to ensure that the home office they are using is worth every penny spent and ultimately boosts one’s productivity. Therefore all individuals, regardless of job position, should seek out a location that is quiet and filled with few distractions. The less distractions one encounters, the more likely they will be able to purely focus on the work at hand and finish it with both speed and in a high quality manner. At Canadas Virtual Assistant, we highly recommend to our readers that they seek out a spot in the kitchen, a dedicated quiet office, or even outdoors if it’s warm enough! These are all spaces that tend to be quiet and sound to work in given the fact that no other individuals are there working as distractions.

Get Comfortable

When working remotely, it is important that all individuals, including virtual assistants, are comfortable within their workspace. This is extremely important as comfort typically boosts individuals' moods, ultimately making them happier, which tends to reap positive results in the workplace. This is because when people are happier, they tend to work harder as they are more passionate about what they do and what work they’re creating. Thus all individuals and employers should push to create a comfortable working environment in order to make challenging tasks far easier to work through and increase the results of one’s work. One might be wondering how to boost their own or another’s ‘comfortability’, this can be done through simple, small tasks such as purchasing a comfy office chair or a bean bag chair to work off of.

With the implementation of these work space tips listed above, all individuals working from home should be able to create the perfect, productivity-boosting home office.


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