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5 Tips to Help You Keep Organized

Organization is something that is trending lately. A lot of people are creating cleaning or organizing accounts on social media to share their tips and those ASMR videos of them cleaning. It’s so satisfying and so motivating at the same time– or is it?

Do you struggle with maintaining organization within your personal or professional life? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Even with the rise of organization and cleaning as a trend, people are still struggling to maintain order in their own business or home, and the constant reminders of how great people are at labeling their pantries can be frustrating. Luckily for you all, we have come up with 5 of our best tips to help you get on track with organizing your home, your home office or your business.

Write things down (as George Strait would say)

Don’t rely on just your memory to remember important things like meetings and due dates. When you’re under stress or any type of pressure, your memory tends to be affected. Therefore, it’s easiest to just write things down in a day planner or use a calendar so you don’t have to rely on just memory.

Writing things down also helps you visualize your day so you can see upcoming events and due dates and prepare for them ahead of time. If you’re feeling disorganized in your life, pre-planning your day is a great way to feel a little more on top of things.

Utilize to-do lists

To-do lists are either people’s saving grace or their worst nightmare. You’ll notice that the people who live by to-do lists rely on them to the point where they base their entire days around the lists. However, for the people who can’t complete a to-do list to save their life, it’s daunting to have all the tasks laid out and not be able to complete them.

Something to consider is ensuring that you’re setting out realistic tasks for yourself for each day. This way you aren’t setting yourself up for failure and are able to accomplish the to-do list.

Preparation is key

When it comes to upcoming meetings and due dates, it’s best to be prepared rather than trying to catch up at the last minute. Preparation is one of the most effective ways to maintain organization, especially when you’re running a business. You’re able to be more proactive as opposed to reactive, which indicates more power for yourself, as opposed to following along and hoping for the best.

Some ways you can become more prepared in your daily routine for both your business and your personal life are:

  • Set out your clothes the night before. This saves so much time in the mornings, especially if you have a stressful day ahead and not much time to waste

  • Have your meeting notes set up ahead of time. This means know what you’re going to include in a meeting (whether you’re the host or just an attendee) and avoid as much surprise as possible

  • If you know you’re not going to have much time to cook during the day, consider meal prepping. You can batch cook a ton of foods like rice, soups, salads, and more. This way you can simply grab food in the morning and go– while still making healthy choices.

  • If you have to travel lots throughout the day, but the weather is not in your favour, try doing everything you can to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. You can ensure that your car is gassed up the night before, your windshield washer fluid is filled, the car is plugged in (if it’s cold at night) and you can even go as far as putting your bags or important paperwork in the car so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you find yourself struggling with organizing your days, your business or any aspect of your life, it’s important that you know when you need to ask for help. A lot of people avoid asking others for help in fear of showing weakness or a lack of knowledge, when in reality asking for help can improve your life so much. Hiring a professional to help you with organizing your business or your home can be such a stress reliever.

If you’re not quite ready to hire a pro, you can always turn to a family member or a friend. If there’s someone that you look up to when it comes to organization, you can always ask for tips or pointers to helping with organization, or they might even offer their assistance in organizing your business or home.

Be honest with yourself

Honesty is best when it comes to the longevity of your business. It’s important that people realize when they need help with organization, whether it’s in their home or their business. The first step to truly fixing your organization or the systems you have in place, is to be honest with yourself at where you’re at currently and what you’re struggling to accomplish.

We recommend writing down your goals so you can visualize them easier, and so you can tell others (hired professionals) exactly what you’re looking to achieve. If you ask for help, but aren’t honest about what you truly need, then the new organization is less likely to stick and you won’t be able to recognize the reasoning for why professionals are doing what they do.


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