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3 Ways to Help You Relax and Unwind After a Day of Working From Home

Working can be stressful, we all know that. Trying to find ways to actually unwind and relax after a stressful day of meetings, projects and phone calls can be just as hard of work. Sometimes we just don’t have the time (or the means) to sit back in a hot tub with a large glass (or bottle) of wine and sip away our problems. So, to compensate, we have come up with 3 ways to help you relax and unwind after a day of working from home.

Set cut-off times

When it comes to working from home, setting boundaries and schedules can be tough. Since you’re already home, trying to set a definitive start and stop time can be challenging since you don’t have to leave an actual office or workspace.

We suggest planning out your schedule week by week so you can set timelines for yourself while also ensuring that you meet deadlines and get all your work done during your set “working hours”.

If you find that your days are never the same and quite sporadic, trying to create a schedule that is similar each day of the week can be stressful and cause more anxiety than it’s worth. Our tip? Be honest with yourself. What has to get done during the week and what meetings or deadlines are already established? Follow those as your skeleton and build around them. Your time to unwind and relax doesn’t always have to be from 6pm until whenever you fall asleep. If your schedule doesn’t allow it and you tend to do most of your work at night or later in the day, you might have your unwind or relax time in the morning hours.

What you do to relax is important, no matter what time of day it is. Prioritizing your time to relax and your “me time” is what’s important and that it’s done every day, or most days of the week as you ease into a new habit.

Talk to co-workers

Having a group of people or a circle of friends that you work with is important because you can release stress together. Whether it’s talking about a new project or upcoming event, it’s important to have people that you can relate to and who understand what’s going on in your career world.

If you own a business or are your own boss/work independently, then it can be challenging and nerve wracking to find people that understand what you go through career wise, or that can relate to you on a business level and a personal level.

Our suggestion is to join as many online communities as possible. There are tons (literally hundreds) of Facebook groups, Instagram pages and whatever other social media platforms you prefer, that are specifically geared towards women in business or men in startups, or people that own their own business in Canada or anything! A simple google search is helpful in discovering new groups that you can join. They’re also helpful in promoting your business and collaborating with other companies as well as growing the client base.

Put away the screens

Technology can be one of the most distracting things ever. What’s more alluring than scrolling through Insta or seeing how many new matches you got on Bumble (do people even use that anymore?).

In an effort to boost their productivity, most people will put away their screens while they’re working to avoid cutting into their efficiency. However, as soon as clock-out time hits, and Margaritaville starts playing, we’re all eyes for the latest posts and updates. This is both good and bad. It’s great for our productivity, but when it comes to trying to unwind and relax after a long day of work, it can be counterproductive.


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