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3 VA Niches

Due to a drastic increase in technological advancement in recent years, there has been less of a need for individuals to work directly in-office and on-site. As a result, the way in which a large majority of business is conducted in today’s day and age has drastically changed as many are beginning to move their operations online. This has ultimately led to a prominence in the position known as a virtual assistant (VA) in a wide array of companies today, however it should be noted that not all virtual assistants are the same. This article will be discussing three niche virtual assistant roles.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Before venturing any further into the three available niche roles for virtual assistants, one should fully understand what a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant, also often referred to as the acronym VA, is an independent contractor that serves the purpose of performing the very same tasks of a personal assistant from outside of a client’s office. Thus, traditionally, a VA will work from their own home office, or wherever they deem acceptable to work, as there is no need for them to work on-site as they have remote access to the required documents to fulfill their job. Companies that do decide to hire a VA tend to not be disappointed in their decision as this action typically leads to a reduction in labor costs, an improvement in work quality, and a multitude of other benefits as listed in another one of our articles “what to expect when you hire a Virtual Assistant”.

Three VA Niches

VA Research

A VA Researcher, otherwise known as a virtual research assistant, is a remote employee who holds the skills and capabilities to manage online research related tasks for a business. These tasks may consist of conducting market research upon the industry in which the business is related in or creating a database of relevant information upon the subject. In addition to this, there are more VA services provided by this specific niche such as creating surveys, analyzing data points and so forth.

VA Project Management

This specific role goes by a variety of names, however the most prominent title is that of a ‘virtual assistant project manager’ and entails an individual taking on the role of leading teams and executing specific projects outlined by the business. Thus this person typically holds the responsibility of ensuring that the team that is underneath them delivers the goals set by the company.

VA Content Marketing

A Content Marketing Virtual Assistant is an individual who is well-versed in content creation, online advertising, as well as social media marketing. This ultimately allows for them to be highly beneficial in producing research, outline work, and content writing for a client’s email, website, and social media page. Thus this niche virtual assistant sub-type is perfect for those trying to build their brand’s reputation on social media.

As outlined within today’s article, virtual assistants can be highly beneficial in providing a business with a wide array of perks ranging from a reduction of labor costs all the way to an improved quality of work. In addition to this, it is clear that there is a great range of different niches of virtual assistants that can be a perfect fit for one’s business depending on what they are seeking out. Our team, at Canada's Virtual Assistant, are all highly qualified individuals with a wide array of skills and qualifications that can not only meet but also exceed your expectations in regards to your business.


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