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3 Types of Posts You Can Do on Your Business Social Media

It comes as no surprise that one’s success on social media is entirely dependent upon the success of the content that they upload. Thus it is extremely important that one posts content that is highly effective in establishing a strong online presence, especially for those with smaller businesses. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should work towards using a varied mix of content types, including content that falls into the categories we've given below.

Provide an in-depth description of a product or service

Through the use of this type of content, one’s small business is able to directly inform their customers and their outreach on what their company’s initiatives and goals are. These posts tend to be written blog posts, articles, posts, and even captions upon social media pages like Instagram and are able to clearly explain a company’s knowledge and expertise in a field. This can be highly beneficial in winning over new clientele as they are getting all the information they may need on a product or service, ultimately persuading them to purchase from the company.

Highlight a great employee or customer

Content creation that includes providing gratitude to select employees and/or customers can be the perfect way to display positive company culture! This allows for new potential customers to picture the company as being a very charismatic company that is also loyal to their customers and employees. This might make them feel better about purchasing from the company as they like knowing that the company’s individual employees are receiving the respect they deserve as well as knowing that their own purchase is valued and appreciated.

Show a little bit behind the curtain

It is recommended that all businesses, regardless if small or large, broadcast the behind the scenes of their business. It allows those who follow the company on social media and their outreach to feel as if they’re ‘part of something bigger’ and can thus connect with the business. Transparency makes one trustworthy. Thus it is highly recommended that all companies broadcast clips onto their social media platforms of what it is like to work in their office.

In the end, social media is highly influential in convincing customers to purchase from a specific brand as well as to maintain loyalty to the stated brand. Thus content creation for one’s social media page is extremely crucial. We hope through the use of these three types of content creation that one might be able to successfully establish their social media presence and brand.


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