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3 Tips for Email Management

Managing our email inbox is quite literally something that haunts our nightmares. Especially when it comes to rifling through all of the promotional emails from Aritzia or Sephora, trying to suck us into the dark hole that is online shopping. So what do you do when your emails are at a ripe number of 2000+ and keep growing? You continue reading this blog and follow all of our tips for life changing email magic.

Schedule your damn day

Okay but if you aren’t already doing this, please go back to about 30 blogs ago and re-evaluate your life.

Just kidding (but not really), scheduling our days has saved us more times than we’d like to count. It helps us stay on top of appointments, deadlines and oh yeah– emails. How convenient.

Honestly though, scheduling your days by the hour is such a game changer. Whether you prefer planning a week in advance, or you like to get up first thing in the morning (uh no, I have nightmares about my alarm) and plan out your day, whatever floats your boat. The objective is to actually do it and follow through with the schedule.

Trying to navigate however many projects, work commitments, family commitments and self-commitments you have on the go is just not going to fly in this day and age. Even in the most relaxed of cities (we see you Vancouver), it seems that everyone is about a day late to tomorrow’s meeting. So buckle up babies and start scheduling your days.

While you’re scheduling, set aside time each week (or every few days if it’s really bad) to sift through your emails. Toss any unnecessary emails (sorry Air Miles, I’m not flying anywhere today), and keep whatever is needed. This also makes it easier to notice when new emails come in, especially pertaining to work or anything else of a pressing matter.

If you’re really dedicated, you can even go as far as scheduling times in your day to read and respond to emails. However, we typically recommend this for people who are dedicated to reading emails each day and not those of us that prefer an uninterrupted Sunday hangover.

Folders baby, folders

Creating folders for your email inbox is literally the best unkept secret ever. It allows you to organize your inbox like never before, while also showcasing what you actually want to see– the Aritzia Clientele sale and Sephora semi-annual sales. You know, the important things in life.

All jokes aside, we recommend creating folders for the following:

  • Client emails

  • Personal emails with high importance (medical, etc.)

  • Emails from family, friends, and sort of friends

  • Marketing and promotions in relation to shopping, community, travel, etc.

  • People whom you regularly talk to (long-time clients, boss or co-workers)

So long notifications, I’m on vacation

So you don’t have to be on vacation to shut off your notifications, but you won’t believe how much stress slowly dissipates when you shut off your email notifications. When you utilize email folders, the fear of missing out (aka FOMO) when it comes to important work emails or personal emails, is gone. Your inbox is filtered like the purest water, and you’ll be able to actually read the important things.

If you’re finding yourself becoming obsessed with the thought of accidentally ignoring someone or technology failing you and an email ending up in the wrong folder, say no more. We recommend using an automated email so that anyone who emails you gets a response right away letting them know that you read your emails once a day, or once a week, and that if it’s an emergency to send you a text message or phone call with your number provided. This way people aren’t left in the dark and growing concern over your lack of communication.


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