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3 Tips for Creating an Awesome Instagram Page for Your Business

One of the first steps for growing a business, after making a website is building a following on Instagram or social media! This allows you to share your services, what you are good at, giveaways, ideas, quotes, etc.

It is crucial in today's time to allow customers, clients, and followers to see an active social business amongst media platforms. This keeps followers engaged, attracts new traffic to the brand and social pages, and creates connections between business and followers. We want to share with you, some of the best tips for creating an awesome Instagram page for your business using Canva to design!

Canva is a website that is free or you may purchase the Pro version for more creative opportunities and templates to design with. The best part about Canvas is that there are millions of different templates for websites, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, and more that can match your brands and businesses' colors, fonts, styles, graphics, photos, and all your needs!

  • Tip 1: Use Canva to create cohesive posts, specific to your brand and business color. Easily add logos, art, words, graphics, or videos.

  • Tip 2: Create a descriptive but simple bio for your business Instagram. This allows followers and clients to know what to expect and learn in following your business on social media. In your bio… (Include a quick summary of your business, a link to your website, and other info that customers may need to know at first glance.)

  • Tip 3: Use Instagram's new features such as stories, lives, and reels! Stories are 10 to 60 second short clips, pictures, or videos that last for 24 hours, they can be used for quick business updates, giveaways, or information. Lives can be used to meet people at the company, or for followers to see videos or footage live. Reels are short film clips that are fun, short, and unique for followers to view at any time for as long as they please. Reels are similar to TikTok, they are short and interesting videos, they keep people invested in your business's media.

Instagram is one of the most used platforms in the last 3 years. It is important to use social media to strengthen and grow a business. Instagram is the fastest way to post, update and grow clients as it takes a few short seconds to upload a post.

A few things to keep in mind to help create an awesome Instagram page for your business is …

  • Don't use too many words on each of your posts, if you want to share information, make a slideshow of posts with limited writing on each. Use the description box for large texts. We want to attract followers and clients not scare them away with a lot of words!

  • Don’t take your designs and posts so seriously! Make your posts fun and intriguing for followers!

  • Promote your business, do giveaways to grow a following, and use Canva as a way to make your Instagram page more inviting.

Let us know if any of these tips or tricks help you and your business! Stay tuned for more blogs this September.


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