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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Office

Who honestly hates plants? Unless you’re terribly allergic to them, or are a terrible plant parent, it’s hard to hate the aesthetic of a good plant. Especially with the rise of minimalism and monochromatic decor as of late, a little pop of colour to spruce things up is definitely the way to go! But if that isn’t enough to convince you to head to your local greenhouse, we’ve got you covered with three reasons why you should have plants in your office (at work or at home).

They create oxygen

Okay so we’re not going to plant a full-blown tree in our office, but the addition of even one plant is a great way to filter the oxygen in your office. This is helpful for anyone working in those Suits-like offices in the midst of a bustling city, where the air is everything but fresh. You can breathe a whole lot deeper knowing that what you’re breathing in your office is air and not the grease from the hot dog stand down the road or the gas from the six taxi drivers that just sped past you.

Not all plants will create oxygen, and it’s important to do your research ahead of time because some are particularly finicky and can be hard to maintain. We recommend doing a quick Google search to find out which plant species may be right for you, or consulting a plant specialist at a greenhouse to see which plant would have the highest rate of survival in your office conditions.

They add colour

We love a good modern, minimalist palette but everyone needs a little spark from time to time. Adding a pop of greenery or flowers into your workspace can be a simple and easy way to boost the mood and break up the monochromatic look.

If you’re not too keen on straying from your style, but like the idea of adding in some florals or greenery in any which way you can (style before benefits though, of course).

We get you! There’s nothing worse than being a decor phene and having to suffer through that one mismatched cup that your mother-in-law got you for Christmas four years ago and continually asks you about.

Our advice? Stick to the same colour, but play with shades. If you prefer a mainly white office space, try adding in some white flowers or go for a lighter green plant. This is going to be an easy way to add a little something to your office in the least offensive way possible.

At the very least, you can always get a faux plant or flower arrangement and if it isn’t quite within your colour preference, you can spray paint it to match. Choosing a trendy vase is also a definite must! This way, if you hate the colour of the plant, but don’t want to abandon it, you can draw attention to the vase instead.

They reduce stress

Plants are great for reducing stress in any work environment. The health benefits they provide with cleaning the air and lifting the mood are great for lifting spirits and helping ease even the toughest tension.

If you find yourself being overwhelmed with the stress of potentially murdering a plant, try your hand at a fake plant first, or something a little less delicate like a succulent or a cactus. Sharp on the exterior but gentle on the inside– what a metaphor for all those blazers roaming around the office.


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