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3 Myths About Virtual Assistants That Just Aren’t True!

Are you one of the many people being bombarded with virtual assistant marketing? Maybe it’s a sign! This blog is discussing the top three myths about virtual assistants (VAs) that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Before we start debunking myths, it’s crucial that you understand what a VA is. Virtual assistants are essentially freelancers, or they may work for a VA company that helps businesses and people with tasks such as marketing, project management, appointment scheduling and so much more. VAs typically offer basic services such as digital marketing or social media management, blogging or copywriting and project management. However, it’s not uncommon for a VA to specialize in other areas of business as well. For example, you might see a VA that specializes in wedding planning, vacation booking, graphic design, website creation and more! VAs take on contract work from clients to take care of tasks under their realm of responsibility.

Now, onto the myths!

They can’t get a “real job”

Ouch! Believe it or not, most VAs have degrees or certificates from accredited businesses or schools. The allure of working for yourself, working wherever and whenever you desire, and choosing the projects you take on is what draws in most people. In fact, you can meet VAs that used to be realtors, medical professionals, business owners and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not that VAs can’t get a “real job” it’s that why would they want to work a boring 9-5? When they can travel the world, spend time with their family and take on projects they have a vested interest in. Also, the average yearly salary for a VA is $62,447 in Canada. So it’s not as if this can’t be sustainable for a person long-term, in fact, depending on their clients, experience and motivation, some VAs can make more than most teachers, nurses or chefs.

VAs are only a temporary solution

If you take into consideration employee turnover rates in most fields (sales, medicine, business) then a VA who is bound by a contract for a specific amount of time might just be your longest team member. Contract work is sometimes temporary, and it’s the client’s choice whether or not they wish to continue working with a VA once the initial contract has ended. However, if you have an ongoing contract with a VA, that gives you the option to retain their assistance for a longer period of time.

If you’re thinking their impression left on the company is only temporary, think again. Depending on the work they were assigned, most VAs can create outlines and blueprints for things like marketing tactics, blog topics, and employee training. If you’re concerned that this work is not evergreen and the results won’t be maintainable within your organization, that is entirely dependent on the organization itself. Once a VA leaves, or their contract ends, whether or not their work continues working for a client is entirely up to the client and how they choose to carry on with business. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to replicate what the VA did, you can include that they create an outline for longevity in the contract at the beginning. If a client assumes that once the VA leaves, their work will magically keep up with itself, that’s a whole other problem.

They are harder to work with than a regular employee

This is entirely dependent on the situation. You can have an employee that struggles to complete their work on time, or you can have a VA that needs to hit certain deadlines due to their contract. If you’re someone that struggles with virtual communication (email, Zoom calls) then perhaps a VA might not be ideal for you or your business. If you’re struggling with finding new employees for your business, you might be able to hire a VA for specific tasks to help you in the meantime while you continue your search for a permanent employee.

Working with a VA is not difficult, you just have to understand how to communicate virtually. If that requires transferring some of your documents into a PDF or a word document so the VA can access them, that will save you in the long run in the instance where documents are lost or destroyed. If you struggle with navigating virtual meetings through applications such as Zoom or Google Meets, you can discuss that prior to hiring a VA and they might be able to provide you with an alternative method of communication. This just ensures that they are able to reach you and you are able to reach them, should there be any questions or concerns.


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