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3 Instagram Story Ideas to Amplify Your Online Presence

Instagram is and will likely always be one of the most used social media platforms. It’s easy to use, convenient and visual, which is what every consumer is looking for. It offers people the ability to share video and image content and isn’t limited by industry, businesses or personal use, location or age/gender. It allows people to connect beyond borders and propel their businesses across the world. Instagram stories are a simple way that you can interact with your followers, without having to commit to an entire post because we get it– ever since that high school crush broke your heart, commitment issues are a real thing. Don’t worry, stories are the answer.

Anyways, enough small talk. Onto the ideas for amplifying your online presence via Instagram stories.

Day in your life

Everyone is nosy and curious about other people and what they’re doing. Sharing a day in your life is something that is so simple and can be done so many different ways and times. For a lot of people in the creative industry (cough cough VAs) no two days look the same, but are usually relatively interesting. Well, you might not think they’re that interesting, but we guarantee that strangers on the internet– oops we mean, your audience– will absolutely devour the content.

A day in your life can be tailored to you and your personality. If you’re a social media manager, you can create a “day in my life as a social media manager” or a “day in my life as a business owner” to spice things up a bit. You can also tailor your content to fit your location or age. For instance, “day in my life as a 25 year old” or “day in my life living in Vancouver” this way people might be able to relate to you on a geographical or personal level.


Tours are a great way to let your followers in on what you see or how you work everyday. Tours can differ based on what they’re of. You can offer tours of your website, your office space, your city and so much more. Each business is going to have a different style to their tour because no office or business is the same.

As mentioned before with the day in your life videos, providing tours are a great way for those nosy or curious people to get their fix and relate to you more. It’s essentially putting a face, or a space, to your social media account and allowing them to hear your voice and get a sense of what life for you is really like– not just what they gather from your social media feed.

Go live

Going live is one of those things that is super intimidating at first, but once you're done you’ll realize how easy it was and how much you over thought it. When it comes to lives, you have a few options of how you want to go about them. You can interview someone else or collaborate with another business or person, you can answer questions and engage with your audience, or you could even showcase an event or something happening within your business that you think viewers might be interested in seeing.

Something important to remember about lives is that they are well lived. So you can’t really take anything back, edit them or sensor them based on what’s said or done. It’s up to you to be responsible for what language you use, how you communicate and to choose people or someone who will also adhere to your standards to avoid offending people in your audience. You also want to be considerate of where you live. If you record from your friend’s house, but they have an offensive photo in the background, your viewers will notice that.

It’s important that you remember to go somewhere neutral, with good lighting and internet connection. When you have poor quality or connection, your viewers will become disinterested and your engagement will take a hit.

It’s also important that you let people know ahead of time that you’re going live at a certain time. This way people will know to tune into their social media at a certain time and can engage in your live. If you just go live without letting anyone know, you probably won’t have very many viewers and the engagement rate will take a hit.


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