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3 Helpful Tips For Working From Home as a Pet Owner

Remote work or WFH (work from home) can be a challenge or a blessing as a pet owner. Depending on your pet’s level of independence, you might find yourself missing the days you’d spend at the office or your afternoon lunch meetings with co-workers. If you find your pet lingers but not to the point where it impacts your work, you might not find much of a struggle in balancing dog-mom or dad life with being a professional. If that’s you and you need to create boundaries for yourself and your pet, then this blog is for you!

We’re going to be sharing all of our best pet-friendly WFH tips that are tried and true because well, we’ve tried them. With the global pandemic pushing jobs online and the rise of virtual work, pets are becoming an even more prominent part of our lives, as opposed to just a picture staring at us on our desk. While you are adjusting to the new daily routines, it’s important to realize that so is your pet. They’re probably used to having the house to themselves for a little while, and if you’re lucky they’ll seek out a quiet part of the home while you do your thing. However, if you have a new pet or have a close relationship with your pet, you might find that they aren’t quite used to you being home and not giving them all your attention.

New Toys

What pet doesn’t enjoy new toys? The spark of something new just for them! Actually, we have come across a few dogs that could care less about toys all together, but for the most part– new toys are always a win. If your dog seems to lose interest quickly, consider a mind puzzle or a toy that is more interactive for them. Most pet stores will have puzzles or toys that you can hide treats in and your pet has to find the treats.

If you find your canine companion tends to destroy literally any toy in their path (hello German Shepherds), there are options! You can go for a new bone, chew-safe wood (sold at pet stores), or tough-chew dog toys. If you’re finding that your dog is making a considerable amount of noise with their new toy, you can try introducing it to them on a softer surface, such as a carpet, where the constant noise of them playing isn’t so loud.

We do recommend watching your pet while they play, since you’ll never know how they take in a new toy. Some might have a bit of a choking hazard, while others that claim to be indestructible are in fact, destructible.

If you’re worried or a new pet mom, some of our favourites are:

  • Cheese Bones

  • Pig Ears

  • Kongs

Quality Time Counts

No one will ever love you more than your pet does. So when you spend quality time with them, they can never get enough! Some pets show signs of wanting some quiet time on their own, while others can play forever it seems.

It’s good to know that quality time doesn’t always mean playing with your dog. You can take them on a walk around the neighborhood, to the dog park, have another pet come and visit them, or you can do some training. Pets actually enjoy training (probably more than humans) because they get all your attention.

If your WFH schedule includes running errands or having to go to in-person meetings, you can suggest meeting at a pet-friendly location (cafe or patio). Depending on the weather, you can also bring your dog along for a ride while you complete your errands. Just make sure that you’re not leaving them in the car alone too long, and that they’re safe (not too hot, not too cold, not going to chew on anything dangerous).

Include Them In Your Work

Including your pets in your work might seem counterintuitive, but just hear us out. If your pet is constantly wanting to play or get all your attention while you’re just trying to meet a deadline, we have the solutions.

You can suggest other employees and clients bring their pets to their virtual meetings. Since you’re not in the office, you don’t have to worry about allergies, and you can get to know other people’s pets as well!

If you find your pet wanting to be by your feet or near your chair all day, you can bring in one of their favourite resting spots (a bed, a crate, a blanket) into the office space and show them that they’re allowed to be there and that they have their own spot. This encourages them to give you a little space, while also showing them that you want them there.


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