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3 Great Ways to Thank Your Customers for their Business this Christmas

As the Christmas season nears it is a great idea for companies to start thinking about sending appreciation towards their loyal customers. This allows for good communication about your business, the customer can feel as though they are important to the business and are appreciated for their business. Christmas cards, emails or newsletters are a great way to spark customer interest in using your business or services again.

We have some of the best tips to thank your customers for their business this Christmas!

Tip number 1: Offer discounts on products and services to repeat customers. This is great for business and will keep customers coming back.

Tip number 2: Create a rewards program. For example if a customer purchases at least three different services from their company, they receive the fourth one free. This creates loyal customers who use your services or products.

Tip number 3: Send a thoughtful gift to your customers. This could be a newsletter, email, or card showing appreciation for the business that year. It's also great to add a 50% coupon for certain services or products.

Here are some ways to keep customers coming back next year!
  1. Make it simple for customers to contact you

  2. Stay relevant (create products or services that are useful and necessary)

  3. Build a good team of employees

  4. Assume customers will not remember your business, if you don’t show appreciation and promote services.

  5. Keep products and services fresh and relevant, keep with the trends.

  6. Make your customers feel like royalty

  7. Provide everyone that enters our business with a positive experience

  8. Reward your customers for their loyalty.

  9. Give customers incentive to return or use your business again

  10. Be available, keep in touch, listen to what the customer has to say and remind them that what they have to say is important to the business.

We hope you give some of these ideas a try this Christmas season! Whether it is rewards, a card, a newsletter or an email… showing appreciation to customers is one of the best ways to keep them coming back!


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