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3 Awesome Programs to Optimize Your Business Functioning

Every Business needs to have specific programs for design, participating in social media, managing projects, organizing digital workspace for teams, contacts, business contracts, paperwork, etc. Now that social media and the internet have taken the world by storm; there are endless program opportunities for businesses to use.

The opportunities for business with these programs are endless. Some programs are just for discussion, with separate private groups for conference calls and different online rooms for other job titles. An example of a program used by businesses to stay in touch at all times is ‘Slack.’ Slack is a communication program for teams, companies, or organizations to keep in contact with one another in a simple but effective manner. It is simple, easy to call, message, send documents, pictures, paperwork, schedules, and more.

There are also programs for design that can optimize businesses' social media presence. These programs are crucial for an attractive-looking business. Due to social media being such a prominent part of this generation and time globally, most companies are finding ways to promote and optimize business functioning.

We have gathered three of our favorite programs that we want to share to help you optimize your business functioning.


Our first program is called Notion, and it is used for project management, team calls, and an overall digital workspace for teams. The notion program is similar to Slack, as described early. Both are great programs to keep teams organized virtually and up to date with each other and work deadlines. The ‘Notion’ program can be used for video conferences, hosting meetings, private team chats, public team chats, email features, document sharing, video sharing, etc. The options for using ‘Notion’ are endless. This will optimize your business in many ways, such as organization, communication, and scheduling.


Dubsado is a must-have program for businesses that want to keep track of their contracts, invoices, and automation with privatized features for security. Dubsado acts as an online filing cabinet that allows companies to have their needed information at the click of a button! Take your business's organization and filing to the next level with Dubsado!


Canva is one of the most up-and-coming programs for design. It has endless capabilities from PowerPoint, post creations, quotes, graphics, etc. You can design anything on Canva, which is crucial to optimizing a business's capabilities. You can create personal business cards, logos, articles, blogs, and each design is unique. Canva is perfect for creating branded content and documents.

We hope you try out some of these programs whether you are a business owner or not! Optimize the functioning of your business today with Slack, Notion, Dubsado, and Canva!


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