About Us


Canada’s Virtual Assistant was started to help busy entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, athletes and anyone else needing assistance to make their lives and businesses easier.


Founded by Sasha, backed by a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and masters of their craft, we take time-consuming tasks out of your workload so you can focus on what YOU need to focus on. Your customers, your future growth, and your peace of mind are worth the investment.


This is where we come in.


We thrive on a good challenge! Handling boring (to you) tasks and organization is our jam! We are passionate about helping you work within your sweet spot so you can focus on the stuff that matters most. We want to provide you with a collaborative and successful VA partnership so that you can create the business of your dreams.


Connect with us and find out how we can help you with administrative, marketing, personal and specialized business support.


All our VA’s have completed training.


We will work in your business, while you work on your business.


We have experience and discipline working remotely.


We are learning new systems and programs to bring you the most value.

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